Monday, August 1, 2011

NASA Why hide the truth about what is happening on the Sun?

As you know, NASA carefully hides all that is in orbit the Sun. For what do they do it?After all, anyone knows that orbit the Sun are located some objects, which flies to the sun, fly away from the sun and dive into the sun! These pictures are available on theofficial site SOHO What is most interesting, NASA carefully handles the photos and puts on public display at the site processed photos which are very difficult to determine the unidentified objects.
For example take the case of UFO sightings around the Sun, which has never been in the analogues of observations. Hundreds of objects orbiting the Sun, before kolasalnyhoutbreaks that continue to this day. It happened on June 5, 2011. Look at how manyobjects!

Now go to the site of NASA and the SOHO project site. You see there are absolutely clean shots! This is the natural lie of NASAProve the existence of UFOs in orbit of the sun, you can find yourself browsing the dailysnapshots of SoHo, to processing photos!
Also, NASA is closely monitoring a huge UFO, which is located on the northern poyusesun, but all the while trying to distance itself from the issues in this regard. Watch the video and you'll understand why themselves.

NASA for what they are doing this? Maybe it's time to reveal the truth to mankind?

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