Saturday, August 24, 2013

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Friday, August 23, 2013

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Eight Giant UFO - ghosts appeared in the orbit of the Earth - NEWS FROM AUGUST 12, 2013 - Published August 18, 2013

Researchers managed to take a picture of the mystical phenomenon in the ionosphere of the planet Earth.
The rare phenomenon was able to capture 12 August 2013 a group of meteorologists at the University of Alaska (University of Alaska Fairbanks), driven by Jason Arns (Jason Ahrns). They flew the plane in a stormy sky Nebraska in search of unusual lightning. And took pictures of something more interesting.
According to scientists, the lens accidentally hit the space ghosts - the so-called sprites - 8 pieces. Their red torches, changing the color to purple, lined up and danced the dance of his mysterious dance.
Nature sprites are still mysterious. Until recently, they did not believe, even though the pilots reported from time to time about some bright elongated up objects observed in the upper atmosphere. Scientists have equated such evidence to the reports of UFOs.
The first evidence that ghosts do exist, and no dream appeared in the 1970s. It was only at the beginning of this century, scientists have been able to obtain images of the mysterious object, which they called sprites.
It turned out that sprites occur above 50 miles - in near space, where no storm clouds. And nothing seems to sparkle should not. However, sparkles, testify about some turbulent life.
See the ghostly inhabitants of the near-Earth space is incredibly difficult - they are too swift. Shown on the thousandths of a second.

A few years ago, lucky Americans from the same university in Alaska. They aimed the camera at the sky, which made ​​a 10,000 frames per second. And it is possible to consider the phenomenon of hidden details.
According to scientists, the Jets dance gigantic size of a football field. First, they fly straight down, then - up. Speed ​​- crazy - one-tenth the speed of light.
It was possible to remove the sprites and Israeli researchers from the University of Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv University in Israel). They confirmed the presence of balls. But noticed another amazing feature of their behavior. Scientists consider that the balls do not just jump of about 15 kilometers, and line up with the circle. It turns out a kind of dance with a diameter of 50-70 kilometers.

- From a distance this dance of ghosts easily be taken for a "flying saucer" - says geophysicist at Tel Aviv Colin Price (Colin Price). - It is possible that many observers, including astronauts and pilots, who reported the UFO, actually saw the sprites.
Price believes that the appearance of sprites in space somehow still provoke the earth - the "bottom" of a Thunderstorm.
- Maybe lightning excite the electric field in the space, which is much higher - he says.
- Until we will remove clots from close range and close-up, we will not understand what it is, - said Nelson Arns. - And do not sort out the extent to which the sprites influence processes in the atmosphere, the ozone layer, the climate.

Scientists believe that the impact is bound to be.

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