Saturday, August 20, 2011

UFO East of Moscow August 17, 2011

Huge sand formation reported from Southwest of Xining, China - August 2011

UFO fleet in Germany August 19, 2011

UFO in Chile August 19, 2011

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun August 19, 2011 SOHO STEREO Behind EUVI 195


Friday, August 19, 2011

UFO near the airport south of Stansted Airport in Essex. August 19, 2011

AN EERIE-looking UFO can be seen in our shock footage darting through the sky, close to the spot where a 'freaked out' BBC reporter saw a craft.
The stunning video shows a glowing white dot hovering over the M11 in broad daylight.
A series of bright lights then appear to shoot out from it through the clouds, towards passing vehicles.
The video clip was shot south of Stansted Airport in Essex and posted on YouTube.
The 36-year-old cameraman - using the name alvinol - can be heard screaming "Oh my God" during the video as the bolts of light shoot over his car.
Just five days later, startled Beeb sports journalist Mike Sewell saw a near-identical UFO less than ten miles away over the village of Cottered, Herts.

Mike, 41 - who works for Radio 5 Live - said it too was bright and "disc-shaped".
Describing what he saw, the BBC man went on: "I saw this big light in the sky descending towards the road.
"As it got closer it banked to the left. It went cross-country.
"I could see underneath and it wasn't an aeroplane."
Sun UFO expert Nick Pope was left perplexed by the footage.
"It's a really interesting video," he said.
"Assuming it's genuine, it's one of the most bizarre pieces of UFO footage I've seen in a long time."

UFO sighting above Seoul Korea August 18, 2011

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun August 18, 2011 SOHO STEREO Behind + Ahead EUVI 195

The image from the satellite SOHO STEREO Ahead is very bad. This may be the cause or effect of concealing NASA solar flares. By this, I apologize.

Ufo light ship over SUDBURY ON CANADA. August 18, 2011

Live UFO appears in the British TV August 18, 2011

UFO while flying a military helicopter over Michigan August 18, 2011

Red UFO on the MOON!!!! Shooting August 18, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anomalous effects of UFOs on the movement of clouds in Singapore August 15, 2011

UFO in Marion, USA. August 17, 2011

Triangular UFO in Abakan, Khakassia, Russia. August 17, 2011

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun August 17, 2011

Orange UFO over Larnaca, Cyprus. August 17, 2011

UFO-Unusual Sighting-Aug-17-2011


Comet Elenin Hauls Arse Across the Solar System - August 4 - 17, 2011

New Amazing UFO sighting in Sweden. August 17, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

UFO around Athabasca, Alberta August 16, 2011

UFOs Over Illinois August 16, 2011

UFO fleet over Sacramento CA. August 13, 2011 and August 15, 2011 CHICAGO

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun August 16, 2011

New ufo sighting in Sweden August 16, 2011

Caught one of the morphers on film again, they are up to something as they usually do when the moon is visible around here.
The moon has been visible now for several days so the UFO activity man-made or not have been really high.

Godzilla Sound Heard in Canada + Mystery Drilling Sound. Wtf is Going On? - August 16, 2011

Abnormal sounds scary and disturbing the inhabitants of Kiev, Ukraine. August 2011

Opinions about the origin of these sounds uzhastnyh different. Many say that these sounds come from under the earth. But most likely, these sounds are coming from the atmosphere! This is a message from outer space!

Godzilla Sound Heard in Canada + Mystery Drilling Sound. Wtf is Going On? - August 16, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Unusual tilt of the Moon at 90 degrees - watching August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011. A visitor to the English-language blogs about his observations of the moon:
"Hello everyone, last night I phoned a friend and offered to watch the moon. When I looked at her, at about 19:30, I remembered how much we sometimes do not notice. I paid special attention to the figure of the lunar surface and said his inclination with the fingers (see Fig. above left).
This morning, August 15 about 07:30 on her way to work, seeing the moon, as it should be, in the west near the horizon, I realized what was wrong: the Moon is inclined by 70-90 degrees from the expected state. I expected to see an inverted position at this time, but it turned out that the night light is rotated 90 degrees (see Fig. Bottom right).
I took a few photos that have a visual idea of ​​what I've seen "

A SPECIAL! 32º of Insanity : August 16, 2011 - Nibiru, ELENIN, Neumeyer Station, SOHO/STEREO & more!

Glowing UFO over Astana, Kazakhstan August 15, 2011

Giant UFO in space! Shooting through a telescope, August 16, 2011

UFO over Prague - August 16, 2011

UFO in Greece August 15, 2011

Light object was observed close to planet Zeus - August 15 , 2011- Kerkira - Ashtar Hellas

China has found a UFO in stone!

In the village of Huang Jiangxi Province (China) for clearing the site for a coal mine workers discovered a strange lump of rock - a disc with a small bulge in the middle. They began to dig further: out of the ground seemed to have a Kamenyuki - ideally similar to the first, and then another ... Total miners pulled out ten identical blocks. Their diameter - about 3 meters, weight - 400 pounds. In Huang, archaeologists have already arrived, but so far they have no assumptions about the purpose of these artifacts.
One might assume these drives by some cult objects of the ancient Chinese, if not the previous findings. In 1938 an archeological expedition, who worked on the border with Tibet in the spur of the spine of the Bayan-Khara-Ula, found a strange graveyard - hundreds of caves carved into the rock, each of which lay in one body. Surprised no way to burial - in Tibet, nearly half the population lives in caves dug or natural - and that all the dead rise not exceeding 115 inches.

The expedition was the anthropologist who found that the mummified creature on a structure different from the Chinese and the Tibetans, and other peoples living in this part of Asia. Total scientists have found 716 graves. In each of them at the feet of the dead lay a small stone disk. On some of them in Old Chinese language was written on some vehicles, arriving in this place 12 thousand years ago. Like, some people use the unit - drop. They spoke about another tribe - the cad. But neither one nor the other in Chinese history is unknown. When it came time to go, the archaeologists have brought with them a dozen of these artifacts. But after already going war with Japan, World War II and the "cultural revolution" 60, when Red Guards destroyed institutions and museums, no disks have been preserved. Lost and the report of the expedition, which was unusual given the exact position of the cemetery. On trust in science is not accepted, so experts have long considered the story a myth. Especially since it's not clear where in the war-torn country, there were funds for an expedition to the uninhabited areas.

This was the case until 1994, when one of the Austrian engineers working under contract in China in a suburb of the museum one of the oldest cities in China, Xi'an, find something suitable for the description of "drop disk". Although on these stones there is no kanji designs on them obviously represent something cosmic. But no clear interpretation has so far not appeared.

Now Chinese archaeologists will examine the stone disks found in Jiangxi Province. They hope that they are petrified by a crust that was formed due to the nature of the local climate, may also be pictures or text, telling the story of the mysterious drops.
The charges for the catapult?
Michael Gerstein, chairman of the UFO committee of the Russian Geographical Society:
- I do not see in this discovery is nothing mystical. Nature often creates unusual geometric shapes, especially when the stones evenly grind with water and sand in the river or in shell holes under a waterfall.

It is not excluded and that the stones were treated artificially. The ancient Greeks noticed that the disc fly much farther than the ball. To strike the enemy at greater distances, and for Ballistae kamnemetatelnyh guns in forts often had discoid stones, which are specially grind, giving them the correct form. Weight, 300 - 400 pounds was quite feasible for the Chinese serfs ballistae.

Riddle Mountain Dmirdzhi

Recently, in the Crimea on the mountain Dmirdzhi cavers discovered the cave. Within a few rooms. And one of them strewn with leaky stones - flat and convex, large and very small. The holes in the stones of various diameters, but absolutely round. And smooth, as if melted.

By conservative estimates, the holiest of stones here thousands. Who and why are they collected, is unknown.
- Power tools, even today, very hard to make the holes so small diameter - says academician Evgeny Vorobiev, a geologist and expert in paranormal phenomena. - Besides, around them on the surface of visiblelight over the ring. It traces the high-temperature exposure. If the holes were made with a laser.

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun August 15, 2011

UFO Sighting in Sweden August 15, 2011

Buildings Alien: The giant tower and bridge over a crater on the Moon! Record August 15, 2011

Daytime UFO Chicago August 14, 2011

That's what the author says the video: I filmed this UFO in FoPo for Mojopo. Saw this little bright daytime UFO three times yesterday Aug 14 2011, FIrst sigthing was at 4pm then 630pm then again 7pm CDT on the West side of Chicago IL. I first saw the object flying West towards me then fly behind the tree and I lost sight. The wind was blowing straight South. The object then reappeared a later and was flying South and moved slowly until it disappeared. 

UFO Orb's Fly By Serpent Like Creature, Hollywood, California. August 13, 2011

That's what the author says the video: Hi, everyone. I cant tell you enough how youtube does no justice in my videos. I will soon have a production grade camera, which means my objects will start proving them self's ..
I promise these are 100% REAL and will and have proven to anyone.!

Monday, August 15, 2011

New crop circles wiltshire UK. August 10 - August 15, 2011

Giants Grave, Nr Oare, Wiltshire. Reported 10th August.Cooks Plantation, nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire. Reported 13th August.Knoll Down, Nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire. Reported 13th August.Jubilee Plantation, nr Cherhill, Wiltshire.

UFO FLY BY & NASA CUTS FEED. August 15, 2011


Amazing UFO s Over the Sea, UK. August 14, 2011

UFO in Moscow, Butovo, Russia August 14, 2011

Ufo over the village St.Matthew! August 14, 2011

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun August 14, 2011 SOHO STEREO Behind EUVI 195

Sunday, August 14, 2011

By the Earth sweeps unknown comet. Meeting in 5 years!!!

Astronomer Peter Dzheniskens discovered a comet that may collide with Earth in 2016. 
The story of this discovery began on February 4, while observing the meteor shower low-level television camera station CAMS in California. 
Currently, the International Astronomical Union has registered 64 meteor stream, more than 300 subject to confirmation. Streams of dust moving poSolnechnoy system is constant, but outside the Earth's orbit, they remain invisible. Only when our planet is faced with such a flow, we find it. 
CAMS station is designed to find the meteor shower, and its first discovery was in the direction of flow from the star this dragon. Meteorites that stream moving at a very elongated orbit and the trajectory is typical of long-period comets such as Hale-Bopp. But unlike many other comets, the trajectory of a dust plume indicates that so far unknown to us cometary body passes near the Earth's orbit. 
Because of the orbital parameters of potentially dangerous comets must be judged only on its dust trail, it is difficult to determine exactly when she last took place in the immediate vicinity of the Earth's orbit, a few hundred years ago or many thousands. The fact is that during the approach to the planet comet has released a cloud of dust, which severely stretched in the space turned into a long thread. This "river" of dust and stones and caused a 2-hour meteor rain, discovered by astronomers. 
Peter Dzheniskens confident that he will be able to accurately calculate the next time you approach the comet with the Earth, maybe it will happen in 2016 or 2023, after which the comet approaches the Earth before 2076. But while astronomers can not say for sure: at the moment it is removed comet planet or vice versa is moving closer to her. To answer this question, additional observations, fortunately this time there: scientists calm, considering the risk of collision of the comet with the Earth small.

2 new crop circles Beckhampton, Wiltshire, UK. August 13, 2011

UFO's over Commerce City, Colorado 12 august, 2011

UFO Spotted in Bulgaria on the night of Aug 13 2011

UFO activity over Sarajevo, 13 August 2011

Taking off from the lunar surface in the giant UFO Night on August 14, 2011

A very large number of UFO activity and objects in orbit the Sun August 13, 2011

UFO's in formation SEEN IN NIGHT VISION over Denver Colorado, August 13, 2011

Three UFOs in Earth's atmosphere. Shooting with the International Space Station August 13, 2011