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  1. me, my boyfriend and a parking lot full of people ast a busy convenienc store witnessed an object that looks just like the ufo this site reported over chile on febuary 24th. its identical. when we first saw it it was wobbleing and hovering over our apartment complex here in springdale arkansas. It kind of followed us as well as our neighbor up to the store a quarter mile away, while over the store it moved in shapes. a square and a circle I remember clearly. i got spooked and wanted to leave

  2. CIA / Co/intel phyops actors Paul Vincent Coleman and Mel Gibson

    Operation Jade Helm 2015 , has help from Hollywood . Mel Gibson and Actor Paul Vincent Coleman are actually CIA , Counterintelligence Psyop actors . Gibson being 5 years older then Coleman and a few inches shorter then Coleman . But have a very eerie resemblance to each other and history dated back to 1988 . The duo known for stunts , pranks and scripted temper outburst are sharing information on what Jade Helm is . Using mind control tactics and subliminal eye movements or body movements . This whole operation has to do with making contact with beings from another planet and not alarming the public . It has been proven by many Hollywood sources that Mel Gibson and Paul Vincent Coleman are in fact Pleadians who can communicate telepathically .


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