Saturday, September 17, 2011

UFO sighting Sweden, September 16, 2011

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun September 16, 2011 (SOHO STEREO Ahead + Behind EUVI 195)

The interesting fact that the satellite data comes only in 18-hour period! Data from the satellite SOHO STEREO Ahead come with a 6 - 05 hours, and data from the satellite SOHO STEREO Behind comes to 18 - 05 hours. It turns out that in the early days of satellite SOHO STEREO Ahead and shoot something else, then return the satellite to its original position. Satellite SOHO STEREO Behind act the same way, but at the end of the day. The question arises, which removes the NASA? What NASA is trying to hide from us?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The experiments the aliens: in Russia there are the remains of a humanoid creature!

In Stavropol, Russia, was found buried with the creature with the body of a sheep and a human head! September 2011

My opinion - It would be a ritual or an idol in the form of the animal with its fitted to a human head or human hybridization made ​​by aliens!

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun September 14, 2011 (SOHO STEREO Ahead EUVI 195)

After the collision with a comet Sun September 14, 2011, communication satellitesSOHO was temporarily disrupted SREREO and images are not transmitted. And maybethat NASA is concealed from us ???!!!!

Orange County Residents - Mystery Light Talk Of The Town - September 14, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

John Lenard Walson discovered on the moon - FACE! September 14, 2011

Ufo in Jakarta Indonesia. September 9, 2011

A shocking picture of the Martian surface!

A shocking picture of Mars was taken from a height of about 300 kilometers high resolution camera. Monolith is well marked. Characterized by its rectangular shape. Andis definitely man-made object. What is extremely excited progressive community.Especially UFO. Which has decided that at last on Mars traces of intelligent life.

Researchers at the University of Arizona (University of Arizona), responsible for operations of the probe Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, have responded. What is extremely rare for them. Usually you just do not pay attention to such "discoveries."

However, experts expressed a sense that the excited too early. And maybe not at allnecessary. According to them, that the object is rectangular, yet nothing said. Like, on Earth, and Mars is full of natural rectangular structures. And probably just took a picture of the probe detached stone. And we should not call it a monolith or an artifact, which would imply an artificial origin of the object.

Indeed, if the picture is increased, the "monolith" no longer look rickety stove. It is evident that he pointed at the apexAnd yetstrangely, he sticks out. Alone.

Ufologists, for example, are certain that NASA Julita here. And what's hiding something.According to experts, the height of the stone about 5 feet.


Another Lightship over the Ural Mountains, Russia, September 2011

UFOs or just explainable? Your call folks! Night vision, Melbourne, Australia. September 13, 2011

TWIN UFO's IN NIGHT VISION by Magnetflipper, over Denver Colorado September 13, 2011

Huge UFO over a cloud in the Mediterranean Sea. Captured by the camera of NASA ISS in September 12, 2011. at 3:35 ET.

On the moon, woke up the giant volcano !!??!! September 13, 2011

Maneuvering in the coronal hole UFO on the south pole of Sun September 13, 2011

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun September 13, 2011 (SOHO STEREO Ahead + Behind EUV 195)

Communication with the satellite SOHO STEREO Ahead was lost 15-35.Communication with the satellite SOHO STEREO Behind was lost 18-15. What happened? Why such a bad image quality??

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun September 12, 2011 (SOHO STEREO Ahead EUVI 195)

Sensation! The aliens have left something at the bottom of the Atlantic!!

No matter how ordinary citizens ignored the various types of abnormal phenomena, but they are more or less universally manifest themselves and are considered a long-recognized scientists from around the world as a phenomenon not yet fully explored, due to lack of experience, or the inability to meet the requirements of modernity, even advanced latest technology.And now - one of these phenomena haunt recently. American scientists in the Atlantic Ocean, so attractive a lot of different researchers found that at a depth under layers of ocean water and the land is a source that emits radioactive rays pertaining to a variety of gamma radiation. With that, despite the fact that this type of radiation is the same wavelength, they apply to the stellar system and, above all, it concerns - Sirius.Almost immediately reacted Government of the United States, and the estimated area of ​​the anomalous zone was cordoned off by the U.S. military, taken the position there on warships, which probably suggests that a similar, or have already met, or research in this area were quite deliberately. Despite the fact that the Americans were not given any official confirmation of information radiation "in the bag can not hide", especially from Russian scientists who are the major competitors' shtatovskih "since the days of the Cold War. Thus, it was revealed, with the assistance of Russian Space Forces, which in the United States of America (now on the ground) recorded a powerful source of gamma rays directed toward all of the same star system. Location, with precision of modern navigation systems, were found to within one kilometer. This place turned out to be - an American military base "Daguey," which was inexplicably seems to be reason recently closed, and, specifically, at a time when the radiation source is moved from the area in the Atlantic region above the designated military base. Just not in favor of secrecy, said that in the detection of the radiation source, for a period of "some tests" forbidden to fly airplanes. This prohibition went with reference to the fact that the navigation system can fail, and this - is another fact that the mysterious source (according to unconfirmed reports, which is a pyramid-shaped object, located at a depth of half a mile) was removed and sent to " Daguey "for further research.By the way, just to mention a place to retrieve the alleged pyramid-shaped, some researchers call the place where once existed and disappeared under the water an ancient mysterious civilization - Atlantis, which has always been around a lot of rumors and guesses put forward as a dilettante and a name and respected pundits. A number of mystical and magical treatises related to the existence of Atlantis, is - just an incredible set. Either way, it is believed that the inhabitants of Atlantis were in any way connected with the Sirius star system - it is assumed that they either came with this remote, but the bright stars, or left for her when their land was taken over by the Atlantic Ocean. However, the majority supported the view that the Atlanteans learned Sirius, and perhaps even send him some signal or message, using progressive for its time, and technology. As part of the issue and, based on evidence from scientists, just recently, and may suggest. And some have already called the pyramidal object signaling device capable of transmitting coded messages over long distances.


September 11 2011 Comet Elenin.


Monday, September 12, 2011

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun September 11, 2011 (SOHO STEREO Behind EUVI 195)

Strange UFOs Close To The Sun! September 6 to september 11, 2011

UFO - Capital Federal, Argentina. September 11, 2011

Various UFOs streaking the skies of Japan September 2011

UFO take off from the sea! Shooting in the city of Sevastopol, Ukraine. September 11, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

UFO Hovering - WE come in PEACE! September 10, 2011

UFO spotted on KEY LARGO Dolphin Tour Boat Video September 11, 2011

Ufo in Avebury UK. September 11, 2011

UFO over Taranto, Italy. September 7,2011

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun September 10, 2011 (SOHO STEREO Behind EUVI 195)

UFO Very close to aircraft Melbourne Australia. September 10, 2011