Saturday, December 24, 2011

A very large UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun - Review for December 23, 2011

There is a multitude of giant UFO, "RODS", maneuvering and interaction with each other unidentified objects. It is also observed the presence of many unidentified flying objects smaller.


UFO, Tlalnepantla Mexico City December 23, 2011

UFO - December 23, 2011. St. Petersburg RUSSIA

UFOs DECEMBER 23, 2011 South Australia.

Mysterious Lights in the Sky over Trekhgorny, Mias, Chelyabinsk Russia 2011-12-23

Friday, December 23, 2011

Rare Lenticular Clouds over West Yorkshire, UK - BBC 2011/12/22

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun - Review for December 22, 2011 (SOHO STEREO Ahead EUVI 195)

UFO - Lights over Phoenix Dec. 22 2011


Secret UFO or HAARP Base found on Google Earth in Philippine Sea 20° 25 32.21 N - 136° 04 52.15 E

UFO OVER Portland Oregon. DECEMBER 21, 2011

UFO OR SPACESHIP?MUST SEE!! Dec. 21 2011 google earth

Pyramid UFO appeared over Hohhot Inner Mogolia! Dec 2011

UFO in Russia! December 21, 2011

UFO over Mexico City. December 21, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

trange Objects descending in Chelyabinsk, Russia 2011-12-21

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun - Review for December 21, 2011 (SOHO STEREO Ahead EUVI 195)


UFO over Madrid - December 21, 2011

ufo - Melbourne - 4 objects in formation-Night vision. December 21, 2011

Dec. 20th 2011 UFO over MASSACHUSETTS

Amazing star-like UFO in the clouds - Norway, the of Dec 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Maneuvering UFO on the north and south poles of the Sun - December 20, 2011.

Pay attention to traffic flow on the surface of the sun UFO, as well as the number of unidentified objects!

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun - Review for December 20, 2011 (SOHO STEREO Behind EUVI 195)

In this review, you will see a UFO - a giant "RODs", UFO maneuvers in the orbit of the sun.

UFO over Russian Skies

UFO Questions & Answers 20th December 2011

UFO sightings December 2011

A strange streak in the sky 19.XII.2011 Rybnik

UFO over Madrid - December 19, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Giant UFO in orbit of the Sun December 18, 2011

The film deals with the huge object in the solar corona, which is fixed satellite images GOES long time. You will see the object in extreme close-ups, which quite clearly seen its structure, so you can make decisions about its design and the fact of its existence.
All Photo data used in this film, the official. You can check it yourself, using the official materials of the site:

UFO in Kansas City MO. December 18, 2011

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun - Review for December 18, 2011 (SOHO STEREO Behind EUVI 195)

Amazing Strange Clouds In Birmingham 16 Dec.2011

Real Alien! Greys!!! December 17, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

UFO taped while driving to work! December 17, 2011

Amazing UFO over Harrogate North Yorkshire - U.K.

UFO over Turkey! December 17, 2011

Giant UFO over New York City! Dec 16, 2011

12-17-2011 Strange stuff in outer space stars planets ufo's orbs ???

UFO 17/12/2011

UFO, Color Show, Dec. 17, 2011. KC. MO

UFO over Western Australia?! December 17, 2011

UFO over Fresno. December 17, 2011

UFO over Warszawa, Poland. December 17, 2011

UFO Sightings Beautiful Bright UFO Craft Lights up Sky!? Interdimensional Travel? Dec 17, 2011

UFO in Madrid - Hidden Aliens of December 17, 2011

UFO Eyewitness

"UFO" Mufon December 16, 2011

MUFON Case Number: 34053
Log Number: US-12162011-0007
Submitted Date: 2011-12-16 
12:20 GMT
Event Date: 2011-10-16 
16:02 GMT
Status: Submitted
City: Gray
Region: Maine
Country: US
Longitude: -70.3386
Latitude: 43.881279
Shape: Disc
Distance: 500 feet or less

I was coming back from my sons birthday party in Gray, ME. It was exactly
4:03pm. I used a I phone camera with no zoom. So it took a good photo of the whole field. I had take many of photo's of the same area and even seconds before and after this luminous object appeared with in seconds. And it was gone in the next frame. I zoomed in and looked at it closely. There was no planes in the area. The sun was soon to set. The crows were quiet at the time. The sun was shining bright. The time I was there, I didn't see or hear anything unusual. I didn't see the object until I got home to delete my photo's. That is when I noticed something shinning in front of the tree line. There was no house or truck there. Those don't disappear in seconds! I have never seen a UFO up-close. I even looked on Google map to see a road where it was. I was 425.665 yards away.In one photo you can see a crow in the sky. Size of a dot from where I was standing. I used a measuring map online. It took me this long to crop and see the photo's myself. I hope someone can analyze these. I also am a photographer and have a keen eye. When the sun hit the object, the front shape is all that shows up. I also been studying 

UFO over the Las Vegas! December 17, 2011

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun - Review for December 17, 2011 (SOHO STEREO Ahead EUVI 195)

n this review, you will be able to see the joining of objects - UFOs, as well as to trace the trajectories of UFOs. During the December 17, NASA's most daring lo photographs. Sorry ...