Friday, June 5, 2015

Ghost on the road, the town of Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk region, Russia - June 4, 2015

Date of recording in the video is wrong. The events took place in the night of 4 to 5 June 2015
According to experts, mental projection wanted to warn young people about the observance of traffic rules. Mysterious record DVR, which show a translucent silhouette of a man, experts commented.

According to ufologists, the company of friends in ehavshaya Kishtim actually seen a ghost. Experts claim that inanimate creature wanted to warn young people about the dangers. After studying the strange video, experts from the organization "Kosmopoisk" came to the conclusion that it is embodied inanimate creature. Experts believe that the group of young people was frightened when he saw the ghost of a man who died in an accident. And standing in the middle of the road, he is said to ufologists to warn people.

- It's not exactly a living person, rather a kind of mental projection. Putrid smell, the dark point that had contact with the dead - said the site "first regional" ufologist Vladimir Bendlin.

- It is not by chance that it is a double solid, perhaps, he suggests that it is not necessary to cross. He could have died because of this, and now is here warned. That is, the traffic rules are written in blood.

According to experts, to a more accurate view of the strange phenomenon, it is necessary to conduct an investigative experiment, repeatedly checking section of the route at the same time of day, as well as to find out whether this place fatal accident.

Recall strange incident occurred at night on June 4 highway Chelyabinsk - Kyshtym. On account of the DVR camera was riding hit a car silhouette of a man standing on double solid band. Immediately after the appearance of the unknown in the car smell rotten meat. The passengers and the driver got scared and decided that before them - a ghost.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


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Sunday, May 31, 2015


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