Saturday, February 25, 2017

Planet anomalies are shown on board the ISS - February 24, 2017

Something strange ( HUGE SILICON ALIENS LIFE) observed on surface of the Sun - February 24, 2017

This is not a tornado on the sun. This is not a protuberance. It is a strange thing. Silicon life forms gigantic proportions? Take a good look, what kind of behavior from this substance.

Spiral portal opened above the surface of our Sun - February 23, 2017

The first fixation spiral (open portal) in the sky, has been made in Norway in 2009. After that, the appearance of a spiral in the sky (the opening of the portal), became fixed on the planet Earth. People began to ask questions that got stupid answers that this missile tests. It is ridiculous. How then to explain the appearance of a giant spiral - the opening of the portal above the surface of our Sun - February 23, 2017?

A moon crater on Earth? Visit Siberia's Treasure Mountain, source of platinum crystals

UFO in California, USA - February 23, 2017

A giant monster is found on the Philippines. February 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Man Photographs New Strange Figures (Gian Aliens) on the Clouds of the Passenger Plane - February 2017

Fixing UFO on NASA satellite images SOHO STEREO A - EUVI195 - February 22, 2017

UFO Sighting Over Cypress, Texas, USA - February 22, 2017

BIG NEWS: Alien Life Right Around The Corner? 2/22/17

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Astonishing! Area 51 New Location Exposed!!? February 20, 2017

Giant UFO - Angel, a huge UFO - Cylinder and other anomalies in the solar space in the review of the 19th and 20th February 2017

UFO Over Shoreditch, London, UK - February 20, 2017

UFO in Taxco, Mexico - February 19, 2017

MARS: Sitting Alien Statue ? Figurine. Febtuary 2017

Organisms survived 60,000 years in caves: the sign that extraterrestrial life is possible? February 2017

UFO in Ciudad de Mexico, Febtuary 19, 2017

Mass Sighting Of Something Over Iran & Kuwait - February 19, 2017

UNKNOWN "Anomaly" Heating Pacific Ocean! Februay 19, 2017

UFO in San Antonio, Texas, USA - February 18, 2017

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Review of UFO activity and anomalies in the solar space for 16th-18th February 2017

UFO Disintegrates "ASTONISHING" UFO Video's! Military Cover-Up? 2/17/17


Thousands Of Alien Buildings Found On Mars?

Weird! Alien Pilot Like "CRAZY" as "Air Shows" For 18 Minutes (Explanation)