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Breaking news! Russia passes the mysterious object "Ark of Gabriel" - alien weapon in Antarctica! December 7, 2015

Stunning report says. the sudden yesterday's launch of aerospace forces (AF) of two satellites for the protection of the Federation, linked with a visit to Saudi Arabia's naval research ship "Admiral Vladimirsky" -which yesterday left the port of Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), after taking on board the mysterious object described as the Ark of Gabriel, the value of which is considered so vital that President Putin has ordered to establish a military convoy for protection of the ships: missile cruiser "Varyag", the destroyer "Speed" BMT "Boris Butoma" powerful salvage tug "Alatau" it fell to the ending of their current mission in India, and they go to a rendezvous with the "Admiral Vladimir", providing his defense while he will sail to Antarctica.
Material from the site Sorcha Faal [Sorcha Faal], mentioned by Benjamin Fulford.

According to the report, an unprecedented "military-religious" mission undertaken by research vessel "Admiral Vladimirsky" began on 6 November when the vessel sailed from Kronstadt. The mission is carried out for the first time in more than 30 years. The vessel is carrying a capsule with Russian land, which will be placed in the areas of military glory and graves of Russian sailors in ports of call ..

Stimulate this amazing mission Contact September 25, His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow with a representative of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, which dealt with the mysterious ancient "device / weapon" which is found under the Masjid al-Haram (Grand Mosque of Mecca) during a reorganization of certain sections Started in 2014.

Serious attention emissaries to the great mosque was drawn after the event, when the September 12 was discovered this mysterious "device / weapon", and 15 plotters tunnel attempted to reach him were instantly killed by a massive "plasma beam" is so powerful that it lifted off the ground and He dropped a crane, killing at least another 107 people.

After this catastrophic event occurred as a result of attempts to get the mysterious "device / weapon," with His Holiness Patriarch Kirill contacted emissaries of the great mosque in respect of one of the oldest Islamic manuscripts held by the Russian Orthodox Church. She was saved by Roman Catholic crusaders in 1204, when they plundered the Church of the Holy Wisdom (now known as the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey), entitled "Instructions Gabriel to Muhammad."

It is important to note that virtually unknown in the West. Roman Catholic Crusades (they are like a mirror today) were not only against the people of the Islamic faith, but also against those who had the Russian Orthodox faith, too - and so, during these crusades, the Russian Orthodox Church is not only to protect their own religious library from destruction, but also the ones that belonged to Muslims.

The report briefly notes that the content of this ancient Islamic manuscripts, "Gabriel's instruction to Muhammad", centers around a number of assignments given to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel in a cave called Hira, located on the hill called Jabal an-Nour, near Mecca, where this heavenly Envoy except for the transfer of the Koran, and put Muhammad possession of "immense power" that he was not allowed to use because it belonged to God, and she was to be buried in the church to "a place of worship of angels before the creation of man," as long as Disclosure of the future will not come in the days of Yawm al-Qīyāmah, or Qiyâmah, which means literally "the Day of Resurrection."
While this report is almost no mention of a conversation between His Holiness and the emissaries of the Great Mosque in respect of this mysterious "weapons / devices," he tells an amazing information about the fact that when President Putin was first informed about this serious situation, September 27 he immediately organized a mission to Antarctica for research vessel "Admiral Vladimir."
What is this mysterious "weapon / device", the report does not reveal to us because of the secrecy.

This also applies to the question of why Russia is helping Saudi Arabia to move it to Antarctica, but it is clear that it concerns the forthcoming Russia's war with satanic Western governments.

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