Crop Circles - decrypting messages.

The main purpose of crop Circles unraveled

Managed to understand the main purpose of icons appearing on field of wheat in the various countries of the world.
The information was encrypted in the image "circle". Reading of the information got by means of "Algorithm of Extraterrestrial communication", which has been identified by Russian researchers in the analysis of many crop circles.
The presence and the themes hidden in circles of information gives reason to believe that their authors really are representatives of Other worlds, or – in the Russian writing, literally – инопланетяне (aliens) - representatives of «Иного плана Бытия» a (Different plane of Existence).
The circle as the basic form for images in the fields, was not chosen by chance. It is in the rotation property of the circle was encrypted with the primary purpose of the appearance "crop circles" in the earth space.

At the core of cipher is a set of cryptographic and linguistic concepts: icons, logos, homonyms.
Pictogram – a direct image of what we see. In this case a circle.
Logogramma – related with image the concepts. In this case the rotation.
Homonyms – words with same spelling with different meanings.
In the end, the letters identified the icon is hidden information, recorded by the same letters.
And of course, for an adequate result necessary intelligence, on which depends the understanding of what to look for in the circles and why to look that way.

On the sample idea of the concept CIRCLE search the hidden information is as follows.
Almost every word can be written by synonyms – different in spelling but similar in meaning words.
In the example with the CIRCLE it will be the words CIRCLE, RING, HOOP,TOROID.
By studying the circles, the researcher in advance has a preinstallation that circles is an encrypted image, and tries to decipher the code to their understanding.

In the example with the CIRCLE of hidden information is the synonym of the HOOP.
Then, following the rule of the HOMONYM is found the purpose of the appearance of all circles:
TRAINING to READING (torsion).
"Learning to read" means the training of humans working with information, from the very first step, correct and complete understanding of individual words and the relationships between them, as in the presented example with the word HOOP.

Deciphering is presented in two languages, to illustrate the operation of the detected Algorithm.
On Russian - as mainly for decoding of crop circles, with the clues revealed themselves circles. On English - as the first candidate for decryption, due to the mass appearance of circles.
An illustrative application of the decryption Algorithm shows that the priority is the Russian language.
From the Russian words of the ОБРУЧ (HOOP) consistently and symmetrically displayed words ОБУЧЕНИЕ ЧТЕНИЮ (TRAINING to READING).
In the English word HOOP (обруч) and TRAINING (обучение) have a completely different spelling, and thus eludes the help for a solution.

Based on the Algorithm of deciphering is possible to conclude that the purpose of the appearance of crop circles unraveled.

We invite you to participate in the discussion of the proof of the existence of Extraterrestrial Civilizations.

Yuri Grigoriev and Anna Azhazha

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