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Comet Elenin - NASA hides the real data!!!!

NASA hides the real data about the comet Elenina or rather, about Nibiru, because all the information about "Comet Elenina" - a lie.

Pay attention to three things:
1. The direction of motion of the comet.
2. The camera, used to obtain images (HI2-B)
3. Orion, or rather Great Nebula in Orion, which is in the animation is above his belt(that is, the image is upside down, if we observe the constellation Orion from Earth, the nebula would have been below the belt).

Now look at this video. It calls attention to the same three things (the direction of the camera, the constellation (nebula):

Another animation of flight of the comet taken with the camera Elenina HI2-B, August 3, 2011. Just a few hours ago, the comet was on a background of Orion's belt. Comet Elenina moves in the opposite direction! How is this possible?  That is, STEREO B crossed the path of the comet, and now watching her on the other side. Believe? It is interesting that Mr. Yelenin say, seeing more and this video:

How is it, STEREO B crossed the path of the comet still on July 28, that is, by August 1, they have five days as moving in one direction. And August 3 comet probably thought that the iron in the Oort cloud has forgotten off?
All this raises serious doubts that these pictures are genuine pictures of the comet Elenin. If this is the most common comet, for which all the rigging? Or is it ignoramuses Animators from NASA, have fallen victim to American education and animation of images collected in the opposite direction?

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun August 12, 2011 SOHO STEREO Ahead EUVI 195



UFO caught in Chelyabinsk, Russia - August 12, 2011

Two UFOs over ValPescara (Italy)-August 12,2011

UFO FOLLOWS COMET Melbourne August 12 2011

UFO Malabon City, Philippines August 11,2011


Friday, August 12, 2011

* Exclusive * UFO Invasion of the orbit of the Sun June 5, 2011 - HOW IT WAS.

You will not see this NASA site, because this information has been carefully hidden and real pictures on the site were replaced by NASA to fake photos. This fact, NASA carefully hides, as well as hiding the fact that, after this event, the sun began powerful flares that are going on seidh day with greater intensity ... Open your eyes and your mind! Of people hide the truth!

High UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun August 11, 2011

NASA has always removed as most shots with a large cluster of UFOs. This is not good (((

UK military declassified information about UFOs August 11, 2011

The British Ministry of Defense issued a new batch of documents from the archive of liquidated in December 2009 unit that was engaged in tracking all reports of UFOs over the UK. Based on declassified documents, the decision to close the department was correct.For example, a widow from Scotland told his staff that goes over her house the whole road track aliens. According to her, she saw four times in the night sky mysterious sphere, and once even "a large pink and blue triangle."
"I looked up and saw that the star is moving. Suddenly she stopped, and then fell in a straight line, like a bomb. Then she stopped, lit very brightly and I felt a little uncomfortable because I thought it would fly straight at us. But she instead flew diagonally at an alarming rate "- quoted her story The Sun. 

"It does not mean that I'm just lonely and trying to attract the attention of the widow," - she added. Other witnesses told us that they had seen UFOs, "a cigar-like" space craft, the mysterious triangles, and even flying in the sky jellyfish.

Although the military has long ceased collecting data on UFOs, the British still see them regularly. So, in late June weird flying objects were spotted in the skies over London next to the BBC Radio. The witnesses took off their mobile phones to video and posted on the Internet.
In America, the belief in aliens, too, things are not important. Due to lack of funds earlier this year temporarily stopped working radio telescope Allen, who designed the universe to search for the brothers on reason. True, the organizers of the project came to help the public, and only 45 days was necessary to continue to collect observations of $ 200 thousand, informs RIA "Novosti"

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Crop circles. Lipetsk Region, Russia. August 10, 2011

Not far from the villages of Lipetsk region Kuleshovka on barley field appeared circle.
About this LipetskMediasoobschil lipchanin Taras Leonov. The man made ​​a morning bike ride around the village and noticed the flattened ears.

"He came closer look - take a range of barley in the center groove. At first I thought it was a processor or a car was turning, but then noticed that the sides have three sets of smaller ones. This just in programs about UFO's seen, "- said lipchanin.
Went to the scene reporter LipetskMedia actually discovered at a specified location circles. Barley in them, take in a certain direction - counterclockwise. Dry the ears are not broken and bent. The diameter of the big circle - about 12 meters on the sides it is surrounded by three more - in diameter, about 5 meters. In the center of each circle - a small hole in the ground.
The circles appeared on the field, located not far from mine dumps - near Kuleshovkoy in the second half of the 20th century was mined iron ore.

Big, Scary Military UFO & Others - August 10, 2011

Update Elenin!!! New Animations Of Comet Elenin August 1 - August 10!!! By NASA - FULL HD!!!

UFO - FLEET in Ladispoli Italia. August 8, 2011

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun August 10, 2011 SOHO STEREO Ahead EUVI 195

Strange things at ISS August 8 - August 10, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

UFO Flies Over Moon Zoomed In Reveals Stunning Lights August 9, 2011

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun August 9, 2011 SOHO STEREO Behind EUVI 195

Giants Peru - Fernando Correa. August 8, 2011

Fernando Correa presents information about images and videos of bizarre silhouettes of what appear to be giant Marcaguasi beings in Peru.

UFO in Sweden August 9, 2011

UFO Poland August 07, 2011

UFO IN NIGHT VISION over Denver Colorado August 7 - August 8 2011

EXCLUSIVE! Giant UFO and anomalous regular outbreaks at Neumayer Station III in the Antarctic August 8 - August 9, 2011


Ufo Gothenburg Sweden. August 7, 2011

UFO - Fleet of Nefteyugansk, RUSSIA August 7, 2011

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Amazing real UFO Flying Over Burbank California, USA. AUGUST 8, 2011


UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun August 8, 2011 SOHO STEREO Behind EUVI 195

Crop Circle in Temple Farm Wiltshire UK August 7, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun August 7, 2011 SOHO STEREO Behind EUVI 195

NASA continues to confiscate some of the pictures received by the information processing center, thereby hiding something from people! Also, NASA continues to spread images of very poor quality.

UFO on live Skycam Celebration of Light post-show finale Vancouver August 6, 2011

A UFO incident over the city of Vancouver was captured on a live Night Vision Skycam in the minutes after Canada's "Then and Now" Saturday finale to the 21st annual Celebration of Light festival. The history of fireworks along with contemporary online search analytics suggests how this incident may be archetypal of unconscious desires for contact with higher intelligences within the collective consciousness of the reported 1.4 million festival attendees.

The video shows a large luminous object that first appeared low over the horizon in the north east, following a steady course south west as it was tracked on camera. Image measurements show how the UFO's variable magnitude registered an orb on the Vancouver UFO Skywatch (VUFOS) Night Vision Skycam's infrared sensor. The orb changed diameter by as much as 25 percent, both contracting and expanding during the two minute period of observation. Online tracking tables including those provided by Calsky and Heavens Above revealed how no satellites were anticipated travelling in such a way at 10:28pm PST on Saturday, August 6, 2011. Independent third-party documentation of the UFO video capture was provided by, whose online archive of the VUFOS Night Vision Skycam is available for scientific investigation and review.

UFO Caught in China. August 7, 2011

UFO Seen By Airplane Passenger - Aug. 2011 (+identical object from 2008!)

UFO in Santarém, Portugal August 7,2011

Coment: i was walking with my girlfriend and i saw a bright object at the sky and i filmed it. i made 2 videos of it until it disappeared. you can see it disappearing at the second video. the object was getting higher and higher and it isn't a star. i dont know what this is. what do you think? the camera wasn't focusing well, im sorry about that.

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Abnormal flash Neumayer Station in the Antarctic continues! PROTECTION AGAINST UFO? August 6 - August 7, 2011

Rendlesham Incident: US commander speaks for the first time about the Suffolk UFO

The senior US military official who led the investigation into the supposed landing of a UFO in a Suffolk forest has spoken of the incident for the first time in three decades.
The incident had been known as Britain's Roswell: a group of American servicemen stationed in Suffolk go into a forest to investigate mysterious lights and emerge convinced they have seen an alien spacecraft.
The sightings, in December 1980, remain unexplained and have become the country's most tantalising and enduring UFO riddle.
One of those involved even claimed to have touched an alien spacecraft.
Now, the man who led the only investigation into the “Rendlesham Forest Incident” has spoken about the sightings - but his decision to end thirty years of silence is unlikely to please the UFO-believers as he suggests his men could have been hoaxed.
In 1980, US Air Force Colonel Conrad was base commander of the twin airfields of Woodbridge and Bentwaters, near Ipswich, which are understood at the time to have stored nuclear weapons.
Just after Christmas mysterious lights were seen in the sky above nearby Rendelsham Forest, and after a second night of reports from his men, Col Conrad investigated himself.
During the day, he went into the forest himself to a clearing where the lights had been seen and where markings on trees and on the ground had been found, indicating a possible landing by a spacecraft.
Col Conrad said he found them "unremarkable". Nevertheless, he returned to the base and hand picked a team of his best security officers and sent them in the forest that evening to investigate.
Armed with a Geiger counter, cameras and night vision devices they staked out the "landing site". After seeing nothing suspicious, most of the team returned to base late that night. A handful remained, including his deputy, Lt Col Charles Halt, who stayed in contact with his superior by radio.
It is his account of what happened next which has fuelled rumours of a UFO landing. Over the radio, he reported seeing more lights on the ground and in the sky.
At home on the base, the commander and his wife went outside to look for the lights after hearing about the sighting. Other senior officers on the base – and their wives – did the same. But despite it being a clear, cloudless night, they saw nothing suspicious.
Lt Col Halt filed a report of the incident to the Ministry of Defence some days later and has since go on to say the lights he saw were “extraterrestrial in origin” and accuse the US and UK security services of a cover-up. Col Conrad, who had gone home convinced he had seen nothing unusual, has remained silent.
Now he has provided a series of statements about the sightings to Dr David Clarke, a Sheffield Hallam University academic and the UFO adviser to the National Archives - which this week will release some Ministry of Defence files relating to the incident.
"We saw nothing that resembled Lt Col Halt's descriptions either in the sky or on the ground," Col Conrad said.
In a damning indictment of his former deputy, Col Conrad added: "We had people in position to validate Halt's narrative, but none of them could."
He said there was no "hard evidence" of anything suspicious.
The Geiger counter was initially said to have given slightly elevated readings in the clearance, but that these were later found to indicate "normal" levels of background radiation.
Col Conrad is scathing about his former deputy.
"He should be ashamed and embarrassed by his allegation that his country and England both conspired to deceive their citizens over this issue. He knows better," he said.
The former base commander also disputes the subsequent testimony of another serviceman, Sgt Jim Penniston, who had gone into the woods on the first night of the sightings and has since claimed he touched an alien spacecraft.
Col Conrad said he interviewed the officer at the time and that, while he described seeing strange lights which had moved off into the distance, he had not mentioned touching a spacecraft.
Although he cannot explain the subsequent accounts of his subordinates, Col Conrad said he thinks the incident may have been a hoax.

This chimes with the theories of some experts who suspect the lights the men first saw were actually from a fireball or Orford Ness lighthouse, about five miles away, and that they were subsequently hoaxed by their colleagues, including some who went on to hold senior positions in the US military.
Col Conrad said: "The search for an explanation could go many places including the perpetration of a clever hoax. Natural phenomenon such as the very clear cold air having a theoretical ability to guide and reflect light across great distances or even the presence of an alien spacecraft.
"If someone had the time, money and technical resources to determine the exact cause of the reported Rendlesham Forest lights, I think it could be done. I also think the odds are way high against there being an ET spacecraft involved, and almost equally high against it being an intrusion of hostile earthly craft."
Dr Clarke, who is a sceptic on UFO issues, believes Lt Col Halt saw some form of optical illusion and that his and Sgt Penniston's claims have become increasingly extreme over the years, as speculation over the sightings has increased.
"I don't think anyone, least of all Conrad, doubts that Halt and his men saw "something" in the woods. They had an extraordinary experience. And that experience would remain extraordinary regardless of whether ultimately it was a lighthouse or poacher's lanterns – which has also been suggested.
"But Col Conrad is responsible for the only proper investigation of this incident. He went to look and if there was anything to be seen, I cannot see how he could not have seen it."

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UFOs over Sweden 6 August 2011

Awesome! Anomalous zone in Cyprus!

In the area of Paphos is there such a place. Where is the car in neutral rolled into the mountain, but not from the mountain and the water flows upwards, not downwards!!!!!

Elenin August 2011 - Elenin On Stereo Behind!!! New Pictures Of Nasa!!!

Ufo in Lille France August 7, 2011

What NASA is hiding from the world!!! Real!!

Alien Mother ship caught on google earth Sky mode, smaller space crafts possibly docked inside and another flying towards the Mother ship. Check it out yourself before the image update!!

You will find it ..                                         
Latitude: -13.428176°
Longitude: -80.092935°

Thanks for the info

Thanks to Google Sky UFOs find of epic proportions!

Сoordinates: Latitude: -13.428176°   Longitude: -80.092935°

Very very much UFO activity in the orbit of the Sun August 6, 2011.

Ufo on take-of in Juno spacecraft of NASA August 5, 2011

UFO Phoenix AZ August 6, 2011

Here's how to describe what he saw a videojust got home from work then i realised my camera was still in my car, so I went to get it. then i decided to check the mail. while on my way to the mail box there was a white thing in the sky. so i decided to film it. it seems to speed up toward the end. once it goes behind the building i cant find it again.

UFI in Buffalo August 6, 2011

UFO's. Over Budapest. Hungary. August 4, 2011

Here is what a video:   I have filming the beautiful Budapest Panorama,when the UFO appearing over the Danube,and make strange maneuver.It was no visible the eye.
I am use to filming: SONY D C R-DVD Digital Video Camera,I R 850.Digital Infra red filter fitted on

UFO in Belgium August 7, 2011

Crop Circle in Furze Knoll Wiltshire UK August 6, 2011