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UFO over Singapore - August 31, 2012

Triangle UFOs over London, England - August 31, 2012

MASS UFO over Cancun, MEXICO - August 31, 2012

Triangular UFO over State of Illinois, USA - August 31, 2012


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Friday, August 31, 2012

UFO over Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul.- August 31, 2012

Crop circles. England. Water Channel Cannings. August 30, 2012

Huge UFO over Midlothian Scotland. Night vision - August 30 - 31, 2012

Amazing triangle UFO over Oregon, USA - August 30, 2012

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UFO over Carmichael CA, USA - August 29, 2012

UFO's Voluminous Outline SpaceShip - ValPescara, Italy - August 30, 2012

UFO over Orange County, California, USA - August 29, 2012 ???

Fleet UFOs over INDIA - August 29, 2012

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UFO on the background of the Moon - August 29, 2012

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UFO over Spain - August 29, 2012

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UFO in Penza, Russia - August 28, 2012

Mission to Mars - Mars rover Curiosity: curiosity turned into a sensation!

Red Planet gradually reveals its secrets earthlings - and they, according to the founder of the American Center for the Study of Public Space anomalies Enterprise Mission and former NASA consultant Richard Hoagland, to put it mildly, a lot. The researcher shared with "Echo" their guesses about the mission's Mars rover, and told about the first discoveries made by Curiosity.

The rover Curiosity («Curiosity") - the main character is curious spectacle that is unfolding before our eyes with you. On the one hand, NASA has strived to conceal the truth from mankind - for what in fact was generally ventured Mars mission as such, but on the other - these reasons persistently discover yourself, the truth emerges. Because a needle in a haystack, whatever tricks it is very difficult to hide.

Our Research Center Enterprise Mission, located in the U.S. for many years following the activities of NASA, the agency analyzes the data coming into the public domain, as well as from anonymous sources within the institution, that is, those of our allies, who want the world to know about the real state of things. And it is that NASA's long known of the existence of the solar system, the ruins of buildings of various man-made. In other words, the universe is full of signs of the ancient alien civilizations.

In view of these artifacts seem abandoned, but of course we can not be sure that "no one is home." And it is to study these "ruins" NASA for many years and equips, one by one, unmanned expeditions to Mars. It found objects with a clear geometric form - man-made. The most recent NASA mission called "Mars Science Laboratory" with the most modern and powerful rover Curiosity, despite negative forecasts and doubts of skeptics, has been successful.

In order to understand why NASA for decades of grandiose campaign for concealing evidence of the existence of sensational in space alien unnatural structures, you need to look in the not too distant past. Back in the late 1950s, on the instructions of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration famous American think tank "Brookings", located in Washington, prepared a study, officially known as: "The forecast impact of peaceful activities in space for humanity." Most often it is referred to simply abbreviated as "the Brookings report." So, the text of this "report" was not only presented to the leadership of NASA, and sent to the U.S. Congress. In addition to numerous statistical and analytical data in the document provided an assessment of the possibility of opening a NASA space of intelligent life. "The consequences of discovery in the solar system intelligent extraterrestrial life forms or artifacts, confirming its existence in the past of human civilization can be catastrophic," - said in a report.

The report contained a very clear recommendation to classify data, which can be obtained as a result of the U.S. space program. Heeding such a daunting scientific prophecy, NASA began the systematic destruction of a focused, or more simply, to sweep, all the facts and evidence - and there are many! - Confirming the existence of "extraterrestrial ruins in the solar system."

But what do we see today? Curiosity rover stirred the mystery out of the new force. Confirming the assumptions put forward earlier Enterprise Mission - we have repeatedly reported that the rover is going to explore "ancient giant tetrahedral formation» - Curiosity landed near the crater Gale and intends to study the so-called "Martian mountain" Mount Sharp, which is actually a fantastic ancient artificial structure origin, whose perimeter is over 20 miles away!

The very first official images taken with Curiosity, perfectly clear how unusual form is Mount Sharp - repeating geometric details of the slopes "mountain" make clear its non-natural origin. Here it is appropriate to recall that in 1971 the eminent American astronomer, astrophysicist and science popularizer Carl Sagan, who gave way, push to the development of the project now known search space extraterrestrial life SETI, noticing that "intelligent life on Earth first reveals itself through structures that regularly appear clear geometric signs. " It is clear that the same laws apply to structures located on other planets, so not too hard to distinguish the natural formation of the design created by someone's intention.

Enlarged images of Mount Sharp, who spread a network of JPL and NASA, provide an opportunity to consider the clearly well organized geometric patterns of the mountain. Here I can not mention what are the visionaries, for some mysterious reason, were the creators of Disney's sci-fi film "John Carter", who just recently was successfully shown including in theaters in Russia. Compare the pictures and footage of Curiosity, where the visible landscape "invent" Mars, and marvel at how accurate and close to reality film project designers were: the slopes of Mount Sharpe literally covered with very similar geometric patterns. As you know, in a coincidence we do not believe Enterprise Mission. That's right, a film production and media, mankind gradually trying to teach to the shocking idea that we are all the same in the universe are not alone.

Study of composite images that are transmitted to Earth Curiosity, - it is a separate and very interesting topic. The fact is that the panoramic images periodically - for some reason! - No different fragments that are yet perfectly distinguishable from detailed photographs obtained with other cameras. So cunningly not tricky, and this "lame" censorship of images in the end did not prevent us - not just us - to consider the truth that is in the presence of near Mount Sharp, a pyramidal complex.

These Martian pyramids are very similar to those found on Earth - at Giza. Any comments about the presence of obvious geometric structures near Mount Sharpe NASA until, of course, does not, but the behavior of their representatives also makes us think about much.

For example, on August 8, NASA held a press briefing, after which hosted the traditional set of questions and answers. The room got a call from Washington from Keith Kouinga, heads NASA Watch, a group of so-called public observers of the activities of the agency. So, Mr. Kouing asked one of the project leaders Curiosity Grotzingera John, what is the policy with respect to NASA immediately laid out in the Internet images of Mars, "which can potentially be highly controversial." He, in particular, asked about whether the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a man who quickly and with very carefully studying the images transmitted to Earth, "scanning" them to contain "something unnatural"? And nasovtsy will take in the event that the pictures, which they spread a network in real time, is suddenly discovered some obvious anomaly - "for example, even a biological origin?"

Mr. Grotzingera, apparently, these issues were taken by surprise, although NASA and has a reputation for a superorganizatsiey in which everything, everything necessarily calculated in advance. With a nervous laugh, now and then stopping to all sorts of "m-mm ..." and "uh-uh ..." Grotzinger said that "the policy of NASA now dictates disclosure of all of the images," and that will need to be "just to see how it all goes on. " He also noted that "if someone wants something in on any of the photos to identify, for example, stromatolites - the oldest Precambrian bacterial ecosystem - then let it believes."

Concluding his comments, saying that if "the Brookings Institution," and others like him still bdyat and have their fingers on the pulse, after a critical mass of stunning information that the world has already received from Curiosity, that is visual evidence of the presence of giant ancient Mars man-made structures, the global management center simply will have no choice, as reported in the near future about the sudden break rover.

This will be very useful - to no longer haunt the minds, not to disturb people. Under the "cover", for example, a full reinstallation of the software rover can "cover" - we were told that the connection to it is lost. And then those who above all else wants to learn the ancient Martian ruins and learn the secrets of an extraterrestrial civilization, will finally be able to do it in a very relaxed atmosphere.

© Echo of the Planet

UFO over SKY USA - August 29, 2012

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UFO and Chemtrail Over Welwyn Garden City - UK: 28th August 2012

Two Alien Lifeforms - Overview of new images from the surface of Mars August 28, 2012


UFOs creating emblems in the Sun's corona August 2012

UFO - Bright Light Globe Stationary in Sky ValPescara, Italy -August 28, 2012

UFO over Niihau HI, USA - August 27, 2012


UFO over Vancouver, Canada - August 27, 2012


UFO and Anomalies near the Sun - Pictures of NASA - SOHO on August 27, 2012.

UFO over México, DF. - August 27, 2012

UFO over Madrid - August 27,2012

UFO over Germany - August 27, 2012

UFO over UK - August 27, 2012

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Big UFO accompanied by two small UFOs in Space - Shooting with the ISS - August 27, 2012.

See the full version. Filters + Zoom. If you'll look closely, you'll see that a large UFO escorted 2 small object. Video is compressed, this quality is not very good. Obviously, this is not a satellite, it is not space junk, it's not the moon!

Large Spheres UFO captured over Sydney Australia. August 27, 2012

UFO Brown County, Ohio, USA - August 27, 2012

UFOs over Netherlands - August 26, 2012.

UFO BASE - "Beacon" in the orbit of the sun. Review of 2011 - 2012.

You know that, in the orbit of the sun in the solar north pole, there is some unidentified object that supports a specific height above the surface of the sun, swinging like a pendulum, with a constant amplitude and does not change its size. These observations of these unidentified objects are underway with the launch of the program SOHO STEREO, but no one anywhere has not been formally disseminated information about it. This object is a kind of beacon for ships arriving to the sun for Extraterrestrial Intelligence ... aliens!

Big UFO Over Midlothian Scotland nightvision - August 27, 2012

UFO and Anomalies near the Sun - Pictures of NASA - SOHO on August 26, 2012.

Observation of giant unidentified objects in high quality!

UFO moves past Moon - SHOT in USA - August 26, 2012

UFO over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States of America - August 26, 2012

UFO over Brooklyn, New York - August 26, 2012

UFO over United Kingdom - August 26, 2012

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Crop Circles - Wiltshire, England - August 26, 2012

UFO over Surgut, Russia August 25, 2012

UFO over Spain - August 25, 2012

UFO over Mexico City, Tijuana - August 25, 2012

UFO and Anomalies near the Sun - Pictures of NASA - SOHO on August 25, 2012

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