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Urgent! Attention! Russian scientists have penetrated into the lake of the VOSTOK (East)! February 6, 2012

After three decades of drilling, scientists from the Russian Antarctic Expedition have brought well up to Lake Vostok, hidden under the ice at a depth of nearly four miles.
This lake is isolated from the atmosphere and the biosphere for hundreds of thousands of years, and therefore may have a unique ecosystem. The researchers suggest that there may be in the lake bacteria have adapted to living in absolute darkness, low temperatureand high pressure.
Indirect signs of microbial extremophiles, scientists have found a few years ago, when the surface of the lake had to go over 100 meters.

The need to maintain a hypothetical ecosystem intact, and sealed the lake - the scientists say a long time. Because of this problem drilling was interrupted in the past decade. It was necessary to establish technology penetration into the lake without polluting it from the outside.This method was invented in the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute in 2000. In short it works like this: fill a growing hole pouring liquid - a mixture of kerosene and Freon, which isolates the lake from the outside world. The weight of the liquid column is not sufficient to compensate for the pressure in the lake. So at the moment of penetration of the drill into the water it begins to displace kerosene up the hole.This year, drilling was resumed on January 2. A February 5, according to "RIA Novosti", local experts have completed the drilling and reached the surface of the lake at a depth of 3768 meters.The last ten meters of the well is in fact water from the lake. At elevated to the depth of core was found a little bit of bacteria (2-3 cells per milliliter), but they may well be the result of surface contamination of the sample during transport or in the laboratory. Because talking about the habitability of the East or the sterility too early.Apart from biological research to study the lake and lodge it should promote the reconstruction of the ice climate of ancient Earth. AFP reports the words of press secretary Sergei AARI Lesenkova: "The bottom layer of ice was formed 400,000 ago, so the composition of gas bubbles in it can be judged on the composition of the atmosphere 400,000 years ago and the time elapsed since the formation of the lake."

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Exclusive! In the Soviet Union developed a weapon against the aliens. The last secret of the Soviet Union.

At the time of the sad neglect of the great past of our country. At a time when old secrets become the property of "glasnost", and once the ideals of a world power just trampled and scorned. At a time when the state on the ruins of the old hard birth, or moving away from a protracted illness new, weak and defenseless in the face until the old and new enemies and threats, it is possible this will be a consolation to someone, anyone explain, or even a solid support.
In any case, it is the cumulative desire to write was the reason for this article.
What was called the impersonal "it" is perhaps the last great secret, or the Soviet Union, so carefully concealed that up to now there is hardly any mention of it.
What about it know the author of this article, due to a mere chance, or rather the breadth of nature (although, if you think hard, you can call her and disorder), which is characteristic of our countrymen, and perhaps is part of the national character. This is followed by my restless curiosity, the login prompt subscriptions to disclose that happened to make while serving in the Armed Forces of the USSR and a penchant for systematization and analysis.
But the main thing, though indirect confirmation later, but for now - a small digression:
Not so long ago on a few channels flashed Buldakova interviews Valery Pavlovich, a person close to the SP Queen among other things, behold, he confessed:
In 1948, the SP The Queen was summoned to the Kremlin. In the room where he was on the table lay a number of documents coded, news stories, printed papers on the problem of unidentified flying objects (as we know, during the Second World War, was recorded by all the belligerents are many cases of UFO sightings). The Queen asked to read them, but only in this room. Korolev bezvylazno sat there for two or three days. When he finished, went to him, Stalin and asked what he thought about it. Korolev answered (all the words Buldakova) that a UFO is not a potential enemy weapons that the phenomenon is very interesting and requires a thorough study, especially now when we go beyond the atmosphere.
Then Stalin asked whether it is a foreign threat and whether UFOs creation of human hands, to which King replied no.
For the Queen of the episode ended with nothing, at least, of such meetings or conversations, I could not find the information.
I do not accidentally highlighted the phrase "external threat". As you know, Stalin never said anything for a reason. For a simple matter of standing recognition of the fact that the Soviet Union, won the Great Patriotic War, was or could be defenseless against a new opponent. This enemy is going to fight with us, or just learned - it was not known to anybody, but was still in the memory of 1941 and our first defeat in the war years. For the second time this should not happen again.
The fact that the enemy was so surreal is not evidence of infidelity of my thoughts, but only that the media but a heap of amateur and pseudo-scientific UFO societies completely distorted the real picture, muddied the uninitiated mind. It is known that UFOs were engaged in the Soviet Union and the United States at the serious level. That there is only one search program of artificial objects near the moon, which held the U.S. Army (!) In the mid 50s. Or, an example from the recent past: until the appearance of the "Buran" our popular science publications and populyazatory chorus saying Americans are on a vicious way, the scheme is expensive and the shuttle does not pay off. And here you are: beautiful, "Energia-Buran" still launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome!
Of course, Stalin's train of thought is unknown to me, and the exact date is unknown, but probably it was in 1948, Stalin decided to create a weapon to counter this unknown threat.
And, actually confirm this.
In 1987, I, "green" Lieutenant dispatched to take part in a secret library inventory. The point is, it seems, was not particularly welcome, since inspectors have been appointed the young lieutenants and one captain, one of those who were called "eternal" (who had the honor to belong to the officer corps, he will understand me).
On the week we hung out in a small room away from the home side and going over the documents and items, checked the part numbers so the contents of folders according to the inventory. Frankly, with such an abundance threatening notes on the secrecy felt their own involvement in the affairs of national importance.
Once caught the object, the size of a matchbox, which, according to the documents, was the highest secrecy, which could only be (as the faithful every receipts kept me until now, I would not call any part number or last name, no specific details and the degree of secrecy, although I can bring them all, so to incriminate me in that part of the story is not worth it).We, the lieutenants, poudivlyalis - say, a little thing, and has a high degree of privacy. Word for word, struck up a conversation, rather chatter, and then the old wise captain said we were in the army and have not seen this and told the story, as he long ago took part in the destruction of confidential documents as a member of the commission and the performer.The documents were burned in the basement, in the oven. Everything was packed, but the NKVD officer advised him to get a better burned, unlace his paper before the stick into the fire and there is already a good stir. Of course, the contents of the documents could be time to consider. So, the captain told us that the destroyed papers relating to the testing of weapons against aliens. And, quickly, and immediately destroyed. Well, and told some of the details.
It settled in my mind and then I did not miss any opportunity to learn about this weapon more. Ask questions directly prevented soaked in the knowledge of the institution: who asks many questions, is a natural suspicion, and settled in the memory, the phrase "in the part concerning you." That does not apply to you, you should not know. By the way, to justify Captain N, say that one time I tried to put it on the previous conversation, but he made it clear that I was not supposed to know better.
However, belonging to a special kind of Soviet troops - the cosmic forces (which, however, in 1987 were still in its infancy, and were called "Head of the Office of Space") and related persons, certain phrases, scraps of information, interviews, as in the case Buldakova it possible to obtain a more or less complete, although the overall picture is not detailed in-depth details.
Here it is.
In about 1948 or so later the Soviet Union began to develop a weapon that would make it possible to resist a possible aggression or hostility from space. Like the atomic project, the project led Beria, but the level of secrecy was much higher.
From the beginning, there was a problem: do not know what the enemy is, what weapons and how to counter our capabilities at his disposal. In the absence of baseline data was taken to divide the project into two components: chemical and biologically and physically (the name given to my relative, it is possible that they were called in a different way).
In the first direction to me almost nothing is known, it is possible that they have developed a vaccine or a means, harmless to humans, but the impact on life forms, based on a different metabolism.
The second area is the project originally was guided by the atomic or possibly crossed with him. That is, the atom bomb was seen as a versatile weapon that can hold any aggressor. However, later, the project changed, and he immersed himself in a completely different area.
It is unknown whether an analogue of Philadelphia conducted the experiment in our country, and the truth is all that is written about him, but in the Soviet Union took up the same - the problem of time. Here it should place three dots, as absolutely no information about the work on the problem of physical time in the USSR, I was unable to unearth.However, this is another indirect confirmation of my research. Everything that belonged to the sensitive data, or even hinted at something, we have closed and silent. For example, in the 40's and 50's hiding information about the Arctic, in the media do not mention it slipped. The reason - preparing for war with the United States and studied the Arctic as a possible springboard. Similarly, the hidden and the works of the time. The reason? Is still unknown.
But the result is known. Yes, and what results!
Another fact.
In 1955 at the Semipalatinsk test site, among other nuclear explosions occurred a strange one. Strange by the standards of the uninitiated and those who had not been warned: ... explosion occurred two hours earlier than planned. Two hours earlier? The test of the atomic bomb? In the Soviet Union? I judge from my own experience: I remember how delayed launches of the carrier, I remember as a rush to meet a schedule for the spacecraft. But that before ...
Thus, the explosion occurred two hours earlier. According to the testimony of Sergey A. Alekseenko, military builder, who has worked on range from 1953 to 1955, a group of 12 August 1955 she studied at the landfill strange equipment damage, and suddenly exploded nearby atomic charge low power. Senior team frantically looking at his watch, cursed, they say gone crazy up there: they blew up the two hour early, knowing that there are people in the midst!
The project is very similar to the final result. Developed a weapon capable GUARANTEED KILL any aggressor, has made it an attack on the USSR. In spite of any adverse outcome is ALWAYS a surprise attack may be possible rollback: the enemy side is simply exterminated prior to its onset.
Now go thinking that maybe, just take away from the truth.
To my knowledge, the materials on the project after some event destroyed all of them.Project data is lost, it is possible that Beria had even begun a campaign to eliminate academic developers and participants, witnesses. The reasons? Knowledge of such weapons is inevitable, sooner or later leak or potential enemy to our beloved United States or to those against whom we are preparing weapons - aliens. The pledge of secrecy the best - full closure of D, especially since the weapons (I'll let call it with a capital letter, as it is in fact a super-weapon) does not require a massive deployment, such as complexes of ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. A single unit, disguised as conventional weapons, say, a ballistic missile. Operators, it is used, do not even need to know that their introduction - a decision on the application comes from the Supreme Commander. Such a scheme hide the true purpose is reasonable. Moreover, under this scheme is not necessary to disclose the nature of weapons, even the supreme leadership of the country, rather meager information that in any situation, we are able to strike the first blow to Napa (because there is not in possession of this information, Nikita Khrushchev so dangerous to play with the U.S. and going to exacerbate the Caribbean during the missile crisis? Had a trump card, any card batter!)
The second option. The results obtained during the experiment, or during development, demonstrate the inapplicability of the principle types of weapons. For example, there are paradoxes: the enemy is attacked, we are doing a preemptive strike for a few hours earlier, when the attack has not yet committed. And it's not that we support the aggressors, in any of the times we find ourselves: after all, from the viewpoint of the observer is our pre-emptive bombing, the enemy is destroyed, the need for a preemptive strike has not, the decision is not accepted. Then, when and who made the initial decision to strike?
Questions can not be translated.
Did the Americans about this weapon and carried out a similar work for yourself? If so, could there be for them to carry out the idea of ​​disarming strike on us? Or knowing that we have something like that, did not venture to start the game, "Who had" to mutual destruction.
Or, not knowing the true nature of time, you can even suggest that there was a terrible: the Soviet Union was attacked, no matter who we used a weapon, and now live in a changing world, not knowing that he is no longer the one ...

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