Saturday, April 7, 2018

Triangle Formation NV Footage Miami, Florida, USA - April 6, 2018

NASA photographs show that there are "Pyramids" on the surface of the Moon

Crazy Mars Photos You Won't Believe!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Very strange square grid surrounds our Sun - Hologram? Alien defense? 5th April 2018

Unexplained Phenomenon in UK: April 5th 2018

UFO in Mexico - April 4, 2018

MASSIVE "Anomaly" Under Africa Causing...

Monday, April 2, 2018

UFO Captured In Live Space Station Camera, WTH Is It? April 2, 2018

UFO in Los Angeles, USA - April 1, 2018

Secret Base Cosmodrome for UFOs in the Chine - April 2018

Ancient "Stone-Boring Technology" Found All Over Earth? April 2018

Amazing video! Hiding the NASA about a UFO in our solar system or observing the planet X - March 2018

Object UFO - Planet X moves very fast! Then it stops and, without changing the size, moves back to the Sun. NASA says it's Mercury or Venus. Very funny)) Look at the planetarium on the planet's position relative to the Sun and on the speed of the planets! NASA says it's a planet! Really? Can a planet change its shape, its size, and its glow in the way that we can see it? Turn on your mind! Think!