Friday, April 10, 2015

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Giant ring - UFO - The anomaly in the sky Kazakhstan - April 4, 2015

According to local residents, oddly shaped cloud hung over the houses about 15 minutes, and then melted.
Residents of the village of Kazakh Shortandy Akmola region witnessed an unusual phenomenon: in the sky at high altitude floated a huge black ring.
- It was like a black cloud. We noticed it about four o'clock in the afternoon, April 3. And somewhere in 15 minutes the ring started to melt: dissipated in smoke, odor, there was no - quoted one of the villagers, Oleg Menshikov, portal
Local journalists spoke with Associate Professor of Physics, North-Kazakhstan State University Andrei maltster, and he proposed several theories about the origin of the unusual nature of the ring.
On one of them, a similar phenomenon may occur in the invasion of the Earth's atmosphere of celestial bodies, their heavy braking and then decay. But in this case, it is recognized Solodovnyk ring was supposed to stay at a higher level in the atmosphere, and thus he is unlikely option.

Most likely, he said, the phenomenon has anthropogenic origin and the source of the ring is on the ground.

- There are phenomena such as solitons - long-lived rotating vortices known in meteorology for a long time. They can be artificially produced. For example, US scientists experimented: let these smoke rings capable on its way even upsetting things - said the physicist.

According to him, for the creation of such a soliton is necessary to make something like a salvo emission of flammable material from the cylinder of large diameter. Ring in the sky over Shortandy is estimated maltster, had a diameter of no less than 100 meters and hung above the earth at an altitude of 200 meters to one kilometer.

- You can see how it falls into the gray smoke trail. Means a ring consisting of carbon black. It is noticeable that the trail to the ring stretching from the ground, so we can assume that it is a product of combustion, - he said.

Add that ring in the sky over Shortandy though refers to an unusual phenomenon, but by no means unique. On video sharing YouTube you can find several clips shot in various parts of the world - UK, USA. One of the last of such rings noticed in April last year in the skies over the English town of Royal Leamington Spa. Then scientists could not explain the nature of its origin.