Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sensation! The Russian Colonel General declassified the information: From 2017, another time will begin for the whole planet under the control of aliens! April 12, 2017

The time of this concentration camp ... under the control of extraterrestrial civilization

Such a shocking statement was made by Colonel-General of the Russian Air Force retired Alexander Semenovich Skryabin in his interview for the Czech newspaper Lidové noviny on July 26, 2016. On July 28 this interview was completely removed from the newspaper's website, and all external resources that managed to publish this interview were also eliminated.

There were people who did not believe their eyes when they saw such a headline and made a printskrin page of the site. And apparently not in vain. And today insider information was received that the newspaper managed to even print a full print run with this interview and they had to destroy the entire print run. This whole situation leads to the terrible idea that Scriabin told the truth ... It turns out that this happened already in 2004, when the editor of the newspaper let out the article "Czech: books behind bars" (Czech Rusko: Knihy za mřížemi), in which it was said , That the explosions of apartment buildings in Russia in September 1999 were organized by the FSB. Then the situation was influenced by the Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic, by publishing an open letter to the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Lidove noviny, V.Vachkov. Now, apparently, Vachkov was influenced in silence.
Part of the interview with Scriabin:

- Alexander Semenovich, you are known as not just an experienced military commander of the USSR and Russia, who devoted himself entirely to the service of Russia, but also as a good analyst, and maybe even a little scientist. What are your forecasts for the near future for Russia and for Europe. The world seems to be a little crazy.

- Yes, really gone mad. I'm 73 years old and I've seen a lot. I can no longer remain silent, I can not sleep peacefully, I can not walk calmly through the streets and see idly walking young people who have no idea what is really happening in the country and in the world. I'm sick of watching TV, reading newspapers. Everywhere lies. I'm unbearably hurt for the younger generation, so much so that my heart is about to stop. Nobody knows the truth. The world is discussing elections in the US, conflicts in Turkey and other countries, Russia does not even discuss its own elections, we generally are all concerned about where to go for a holiday cheaper. But these elections are the last for all. For all, I will repeat. There will be no more peace that we see this summer. Everything will soon change dramatically.

People have been leading people for dozens of years. You all live in a different reality. Mankind is on the brink of death. We watch breathtaking alien movies, attack the planet, colonize people, exit the cinemas and live on. But you did not just show it. It's the truth! Recently I watched a film about the attack of aliens and was surprised how accurately the director gave out the truth, and you look like a fairy tale. The military first of all know that aliens are no fiction, but cruel and sad reality. All sign papers on non-disclosure of information. Who do you think controls the entire defense industry? The US has the same pawns.

I remember how I first encountered this, I learned that I was in such horror for several months! When we were warned that next month we will train at the base and there they will be. We were instructed, prepared for the meeting. We signed papers on the non-disclosure of state secrets. And then we, the boys in uniform, were told that in only 20 years, information about them would begin to leak into society, they would carefully process the population and cook. Films, stories in the newspapers ... Then there are those who will begin to explore this topic and will themselves publish information. All done according to plan.

Now I can only say how disgusting it was to see them. All these years I felt like an empty place on my own planet, and they are the owners here. The presidents of the countries are all running errands. And most importantly, they are executing agreements. They handed you over long ago as a recycled material. Those who will live on will be just a work force for them.

"And how long did it all start?"

- In Soviet times under the General Staff, there was a top-secret military unit No. 10003 dealing with issues of psi wars. Supervised by its prime minister of the USSR Valentin Pavlov, and led by Lieutenant-General Alexei Savin. These were military extrasensories. What are the only tasks not set before this part! In June 1991, the authorities ordered to fly to Uzbekistan .. to receive aliens. And we received such orders for many years since the 70th. Sometimes these stories were published in the media. People laughed, and we were depressed ... For the Power it's insulting.

There was also such a colonel Ivan Pavlovich Nazarenko, chairman of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the USSR Air Defense Troops. He often organized their flights to the territory of the USSR. To no one saw, did not notice. The favorite place was Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and those regions.

-Did you see how the presidents communicated with them?

- Yes, several times I personally saw how Gorbachev met with them, then once Yeltsin.

- And they that, and the truth, as in films people were abducted and people then did not remember it?

- True. As I say, our rulers sold us all. There was always a norm, how many could kidnap people for their own purposes. And their goals, even though they even hid from us, but I still knew they were cruel. They cut meat like meat and continue to cut people off. They conduct experiments, scoff. They also invented the cult of Satanism, in fact, the stanists are servants of extraterrestrials, who mostly eat large cattle and humans, sometimes only with the energy of death, that is, the souls of the victims.

- Why Uzbekistan and those regions? I've also read a few days ago that there has always been and still is an increased activity of UFOs, people often meet newcomers.

"There's a lot of gold and uranium." They take it to themselves. We have a fact on the planet of gold - and there is no turnover. There are no repositories. They all give. I do not know why.

Do you remember the scandal with the American forged gold that China has identified? And all about the fact that there is practically no gold in the world's reserves. Even in banks, when you buy it in your hands it does not give up, it's just virtual, that is - money for it.

- Why wait in the near future? You say that the end of everything will soon come.

"Their goal is the colonization of the whole planet." The governments of the countries have prepared everything perfectly for this. Russia did not have one time, and now it is catching up at an accelerated pace. We have never adopted so many laws at this speed. And look, they basically have a punitive and controlling nature. Our people do not understand this and do not see it, which makes it even more painful for me. And the television and special settings the brain has been processed so that even if the alien now lives on the square and dances, it's very few people will touch.

First, many years of processing and implementation, that they will be the main ones here, secondly, emotionally the people are exhausted, the psyche does not remain to be shocked and resist. These technologies were also trained by all presidents and further by the special services - and the military brought them to life. These elections are really the last. There will be no more elections. Although it was only a parody of the elections. Even Vanga predicted that the 44th president of the United States will be a black man and he will be the last for the country. And Vanga, as is known, was an excellent psychic and was practically not mistaken. Since 2017, another time will begin for the whole planet ... The time of this concentration camp ...

"But we can still do something to prevent their plans?"

- Find a force that is commensurate with them. And this is also alien, but spiritual. Only they do not go to the contact - too low we fell, it is harmful to such a dirty energy to have. They look at how the law of free will we use. After all, it is we who are the masters of the planet, we order on it and bring ... They can help only if we turn

- And how to apply? ..

"As always in your own words." "Lord, help" - does not help. You just need to know the address. In the old days they turned to the sun. And now there are speculations that there is a hollow space and the higher civilizations live. I think earlier it was easier to contact them - people could believe, talked with them with a bow and respect. And now everyone repels, they do not believe anything. This is what the strangers sought to achieve. So while everything goes according to their plan ...