Tuesday, January 1, 2013

UFO over Sweden - January 1, 2013


  1. If you are referring to the little orange ball of light, we saw two of them
    going WSW to ENE, spaced halfway across the sky from each other, traveling
    at even speed, just after midnight, 2013 over Ohio. I'm a pilot of 37 years,
    and I can't explain them. No sound, maybe 10,000 ft, about the speed of a
    fast plane. I couldn't take my eye's off because I couldn't figure out what
    they were. My wife saw them too. (I had no drinks:) Now I see dozens of
    similar reports all over the world, same time, and even same time in 2012.
    What's up with this??

  2. I saw three orange lights in a triangular distance from each other at about 12:15am PDT from Southern California on 1/1/13. I was surprised to see how many others had seen this same type of thing in various places around the globe. Crazy indeed.


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