Monday, November 24, 2014

Urgent News! In Russia, found stone with a microchip age 250 million years! November 24, 2014


Russian scientists have discovered a stone with a microchip age of 250 million years. Russian scientists are puzzled by the discovery. Scientists are one of the institutions of the Rostov region reported on results stone with a microchip, determine the age of discovery. According to scientists, stone about 250 million years, indicating that the previously unknown civilization that existed on Earth. Amazing discovery found a local fisherman Victor Morozov in Labinsk. Fisherman discovery gave scientists. Experts confirmed that the stone contains a hitherto unknown microchip that can not belong to the invention of mankind. On the surface of the stone was discovered a fragment of technology, previously unknown to science. According to geologists, humanity will make many more discoveries before disclosing secret microchip found.