Friday, December 14, 2012

Meteor shower - a global HOAX NASA - December 2012

Throughout the period of observation of meteor showers, NASA tells people passing the Earth, through meteor showers. But people do not think about the main thing! On the orbit of the Earth, there are several thousand artificial satellites for various purposes. These satellites, there is no protection from falling meteorites. Please note that was not been posted yet that the satellite was shot down a meteor! On the orbit of the Earth, is the ISS. Before the advent of the ISS in orbit station "Mir". At these space stations, there was no, no protection from falling meteorites in housing! Sheathing space station has a thickness of 1 mm + cladding the thermal insulation! That's all! Think about it! But ... For the whole period of the flight, a space station "Mir", only one hit micrometeorites in solar panel battery station! For the whole period of the flight, the ISS, only one hit micrometeorites in solar panel battery station! Now, think and ask NASA about what is actually meant by a meteor shower. Why not throw a meteor shower thousands of satellite expansions that have no protection? Why ISS miraculously avoids falling meteorite? All satellites and the International Space 
Station, line up in the same place, to avoid falling meteors during meteor showers? It's funny! ))) People - think! People ask for the answers! People - fight for the truth! People - do not believe the silly explanations NASA! People - open your eyes!

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