Friday, August 17, 2012

RED ALERT World NIBIRU INCOMING, August 17th Close Approach, Now

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  1. Love your work mate. I want to share a thought. What you were pointing out as the big dipper ,I am fairly positive that that is Orions belt. I have been studing the stars for well over 35 years and the big dipper is about ten times larger than what you and a lot of folks call the big dipper. The big dipper has as one if not its brightest star thenorth star. This is the star astronomers use to " polar alighn the .altizimith declination on all telescopes". If I am wrong then I certainly apoligise and in closing. I for one am very .very grateful for your information and hard work you put in to help us. Thank you again for pointing out nibiru and its location.I for one am eternally grateful and the lord jesus christ bless and keep you Aaron brisbane


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