Saturday, September 3, 2011

NASA hiding something on the moon!

NASA is concerned that may be explored those areas of the Moon, where the allegations of NASA, the Apollo land on the moon sets, and those which allegedly ran and hopped on the lunar surface Neil Armstrong, leaving traces in the lunar dust. It is not hard to guess why NASA so worried about the concealment of such seemingly important lunar sites. Well, actually, because it would seem NASA should be pleased that finally something has been removed long-standing doubts "A were-the Americans on the moon?", But - no, NASA does as it should do in case if it is on the moon - was not.
NASA defends his property on the Moon
Based on materials from ScienceNOW
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) began to think about how to protect more than three decades of lunar sites are "a historic and scientific value."
On the Moon, as you know, are still traces of Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr., as well as many other remnants of the "golden age" of American space exploration. Do officials feared that they trample the contestants established by Google and fund X Prize, in pursuit of the 30 millionth prize.
Toward the end of the month administration intends to issue "recommendations" for future spacecraft and astronauts who are going to encroach on the lunar property of the U.S. government. One version of the document, for example, asks you not to go down there, where to sit "Apollo" and where are the artifacts. In addition, the proposed no-fly creation of buffer zones and to exhaust gases and dust will not fall on the story.
Scientists and engineers at NASA were also a list of studies that could take private teams - from photography reflector laser ranging, established decades ago (the earth, astronomers still use them), to study food debris and other waste astronauts.
The recommendations NASA will have no binding force, because, according to the international space treaty in 1967, the lunar surface has no owner. At the same time, the Office believes that the private owners to sign the document if they are counting on cooperation with NASA, says

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