Thursday, July 26, 2018

Anomaly! In Yakutia, Russia, for several hours the Sun has disappeared! July 2018

The Enigma of Nature: In the remote region of Yakutia, it was dark for a few hours as at dusk

In the Even-Bytantai ulus (Yakutia) on July 20, a strange natural phenomenon occurred: from 11.30 to 14.00 the sun suddenly disappeared and almost night darkness came.

Local residents are still wondering about what happened last Friday.

Every day there are more and more new versions, including aliens, flashes recorded by NASA, tests and so on.

"According to the Vatsapu they are spreading the message that from the American satellites they fixed a light flash and an increase in the radiation background and activity of the military. As far as this is true, the military will not tell us exactly, "say residents of the villages of the Eveno-Bytantaisky district.

Earlier, one resident told the journalist SakhaDay that after the departure of the sun, a lot of dust was noticed: "The water in the barrels has turned into a mash of dirt, on the surface of the lakes a dusty layer has formed."

However, the presence of dust is categorically denied by the administration of the Nizhne-Bytantai heritage.

"In fact, there was no dust. At first it was dark as the approaching strong thunderous front, then it began to darken, but with a yellow tinge as with toning. It was unusual. We also doubt about the eclipse. Usually this phenomenon is told in advance. And it does not happen so long, "- said one of the local administration employees.

"When the sun disappeared from sight, people began to call the administration," the chapter of the heritage, Konstantin Starostin, shares his memories. - Many were frightened, especially the elderly. The watchmen say that we did not observe such phenomena.

Indeed there was pitch darkness. It did not come immediately, but gradually. The sun was not visible from 11.30 to 14.00 on the day. Dust really was not. We deliberately went out into the street, many can confirm.

There was no sharp cooling either. But at night the temperature dropped to -4 degrees. Now we do not know what to think. We do not have specialists. And rumors multiply. If it was connected with the trials, I would not hide it. "

In the Even-Bytantai ulus, they are sure that the sun has left all the Arctic regions, but this is not so.

The head of Verkhoyansk, Yevgeny Potapov, told reporters that "the sun did not disappear, but there was something":

"On July 20, we had something like smoke. In any case, we decided that this is so. Although there are no fires nearby, but the hearth was on the border with Even-Bytantai. In general, it was cloudy, as if the sun had obscured some dark cloud, and maybe not a cloud. But it did not rain at all. "

Yevgeny Potapov said that he did not know what was happening in the neighborhood:

"At first we thought that talking about the rushing darkness was just a rumor, but then they were confirmed. We also wonder what it could be. About the eclipse is usually warned in advance. Maybe it was a meteorite, but it could not be so big. In general, it is not clear. "

It is also known that on July 20 there was a significant cooling. Explanations to the happened phenomenon from the official bodies are still not there.