Saturday, February 17, 2018

Breaking news! Our Sun for a moment disappeared from space! Sun portal or halogram? February 16, 2018

Now you see the Sun and a lot of UFOs that fly up to the Sun and fly away from the Sun. The sun is in outer space. Have you seen? Look again! 17-05. We see that the Sun is in place. 17-15. The sun disappears from space. We see the cosmos and see the stars. But, we do not see the Sun! The sun has disappeared in space! People could not feel this disappearance, because for us on Earth, it happened instantly! But, the disappearance photographed the instrument of observation of the solar observatory. This happened before. It's happening now. On my channel there are observations of the periodic disappearance of our Sun in space. NASA hides this fact from humanity. Is our Sun a portal? Hologram? What is our Sun? A lot of questions.