Friday, April 8, 2016

Breaking news! Full deciphering of the alien signal WOW - 6EQUJ5 !!! PATRT2 - APRIL 2016


In characters the WOW Signal was discovered the few points of the Message, addressed to the Earthlings.
- The Signal was a trial TEST to check intelligence of earthlings, and its results – on the ready for Contact.
- Aliens have been estimated and the level of intelligence of Earthlings. Unfortunately, it's a shame-small - for productive Contact.
- Was given a warning about the impending Earth asteroid disaster, offering help in its prevention.

The main set of characters was the word TEST

Since Signal WOW, in its writing, was very similar to the string «alphanumeric code», so the authors tried to apply for its decipherment special methods in science of Cryptography.
Cryptographic analysis showed that the word TEST was found in alpha-numeric order of the Russian and English alphabets. Calculation shows that the set of symbols of the signal "WOW" – 6EQUJ5 in Russian and English alphabets correspond to the word TEST.
This result indicates the presence of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

 The aliens have estimated the intelligence of Humans in 65% of IQ

When in the Signal WOW – 6EQUJ5, the word TEST were found a few times, together with the acronym IQ (intelligence quotient), we assumed, that the number of 65 may mean the number of IQ.
So it happened.
When comparing the number 65 with the Тable of «classification of intellectual development of the population» of the Earth, was found a sad result. Aliens consider Earthmen have moronity, not reaching normal levels, even on a terrestrial scale.
A more detailed analysis of the evaluation man surrounding world showed, that 65% is the level of intelligence of the entire two – 2% of the population, its best part. On the basis of the adequacy of the perception of the surrounding world, all the other people have the level of intelligence – less than 2%.

The WOW signal warns about destruction from asteroid

Death from an asteroid.
The Aliens warning people of the impending danger, having care about humanity.
The main part of the Message Signal WOW can be considered as a warning about future asteroid crash.
The phrase «know in advance» suggests that Aliens are able to know the Future of the Earth, or, that the Aliens are in the Future, in relation for This Time of Earth, and they already know, how could developments, when choosing one or another way.
Now the Terrans have chosen the path of self-destruction.
The picture shows that the WOW Signal, the most obvious is read in Russian via alphanumeric order. This is indicated by a mirror symmetry of numbers equal to the words in the Message of the WOW Signal, compared with numbers equal to the words in English writing.

We invite you to participate in the discussion of the proof of the existence of Extraterrestrial Civilizations.
Yuri Grigoriev and Anna Azhazha