Monday, February 29, 2016

Breaking news! Full deciphering of the alien signal WOW - 6EQUJ5 !!! February 2016.

The simple conjecture has led to evidence of life in the Universe
In 2010 in Russia was decoded extraterrestrial WOW Signal, which was recorded by the SETI program in 1977.
To decode the Signal did a simple hunch: what if the set of characters 6EQUJ5 information is hidden in the same way as the password to log in to the online account?
To make the password easy to remember, often use a word by replacing letters of a alien alphabet and diluted for secure a few numbers.
Thus, the characters 6EQUJ5, which is displayed on the printout when receiving the Signal, completely fit the requirements of drawing up of the password.
But how to know whether in the characters 6EQUJ5 is hidden information, which method of encryption used, and what alphabet?
If Aliens controlled the sending process-receiving the Signal WOW, the first candidate for the decoding of characters 6EQUJ5 is the English alphabet, because the signal was obtained at the Observatory of the Institute of Ohio, USA.

Any alphabet has the same structure – fixed alpha-numeric order. It constitutes the basis of human speech and all operations of encoding information.
The first and the oldest encryption techniques are "substitution" and "permutation".
In accordance with a secret algorithm, numbers and letters were substituted for each other and rearrange places. It is obvious that for each decryption is required the account, either of Prime order or with the use of a complex algorithm.
Considering that the WOW Signal was the first Alien Message to Earthlings, method of encryption was very simple. To determine what is hidden behind the characters, it was necessary to understand what the WOW Signal could was the response.
The only information sent with the message of humanity in the Cosmos at that time was "Message from Arecibo", 1974, sent in the direction of the constellation Hercules at a distance of 25,000 light years. Earth the Message was encoded in binary. In order to read the Message, the Aliens had first to understand how binary code works.
In fact, the earthlings sent to the aliens the mystery, a test, or, in other words, a test of your wits.
The aliens replied in the same vein. For the symbols of the WOW Signal - 6EQUJ5 was the hidden word TEST - a TEСT that is encrypted in two alphabets – Russian and English.
The revealed the algorithm showed that for deciphering the WOW Signal the basic is Russian alphabet, and information of alien Messages, in addition to the characters 6EQUJ5 was concluded in other words, related to the reception of the Signal. For example, in the letters of the name of constellation SAGITTARIUS.
In characters the WOW Signal was discovered the few points of the Message, addressed to the Earthlings.

The Signal was a trial TEST on reciprocal sagacity of earthlings, and its results – on the ready for Contact.
- Aliens have been estimated and the level of intelligence of Earthlings. Unfortunately, it's a shame-small - for productive Contact.
- Was given a warning about the impending Earth asteroid disaster, offering help in its prevention.
Today, scientists astrophysicists refuse in dating detected with the Algorithm of decoding received Signals. Though affirm about the importance for mankind of detecting evidence of extraterrestrial life.
In this approach, the question remains open: were there right Aliens, who rated low intelligence of man, and as quickly as possible to rectify the situation with the establishment of Extraterrestrial Contact?
                                                                                             Yuri Grigoriev and Anna Azhazha. source