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Sensational investigation! Pass nine dead. Report from the place of death group Dyatlov. Russia 2015.

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I pass nine dead. Report from the place of death group Dyatlov.

"Nothing in the world does not pass in vain ..." 
                                             N. Dobronravov
               January 23, 1959. On this day in the mountains of Northern Urals went to a group of tourists in the amount of 10 people led by Igor Dyatlov. Campaign organized a tourism section, which existed at the time at the Urals Polytechnic Institute. The main goal of the campaign - the ascent to the summit of Mount Otorten. The length of the route - 350 kilometers. Difficulty level of the route - the third (highest). 
               Initially, the campaign one person ill and therefore left the group (Yuri Yudin). The tourists continued their way of nine members: Igor Dyatlov, Yuriy Doroshenko, Ludmila Dubinin, Simon (Alexander) Zolotarev Alexander Kolevatov, Zinaida Kolmogorov, George (Yuri) Krivonischenko Rustem Slobodin, Nikolay Tibo Brignoles. 
                At the appointed time in the declared destination Point of route group does not appear, but the organizers of the campaign at first not to worry - the delay units in the tourist business as usual routes. When all target dates have been waiting the arrival of the children, it became clear to them that something was wrong. Scale searches were organized, during which the group has been found, but its members were found dead.  
               The tragedy occurred on a snowy mountainside Kholat Syakhl (Holat-Sjahyl). The last entry in the diary marching band was made ​​on January 31. The tourists abandoned tent was found humorous wall newspaper called "Evening Otorten", written by participants in the campaign, and dating from the first of February. After the first of February no records were found. Therefore, it is believed that the tragedy occurred on the night of the first to the second of February. 
               There have been put forward different versions of their death, but to date, none of them does not give a comprehensive answer to the main question - what, after all, happened at the business. But it is necessary to find the answer, and so research into the causes of death groups Dyatlova continue. Every year in the area of the tragedy, is now officially bears the name of Dyatlov Pass, travel teams enthusiasts. As a result of search operations put forward new versions, supplemented and refined old. 
               Trying to understand the sequence of events that became fatal for the tourists, the author gradually formed its own vision of the tragic situation on the mountain Kholat Syakhl.This was facilitated by the study of the materials of the criminal case materials search and research Askinadze, Buyanova, Ivlev, Koskin, Rakitin, Slobtsova and many other researchers, as well as the study of the large volume of submissions to the web sites and forums on the subject.  
             The subject line of the narrative, in general, does not claim to originality. The main aspect of our study is to reconstruct the tragic events of the most likely action group members at key moments in the development of the human drama. Furthermore, the author tentatively identified the time of the accident two catastrophic events that ruined as a result of the entire group of tourists. 
             In the epilogue shows the results of the analysis of some mysterious facts connected with the campaign and with members of Dyatlov and discussed briefly, the failure of some versions of the death of the group in other reasons. 
            The author has provided the possibility of interest in this topic from a wide range of readers, including those who do not have any information about the tragedy of the group Dyatlov, and so he tried to talk about the dramatic events have occurred so that it is clear to anyone.
            January 31 about 16 o'clock in the Ural-time artist Dyatlov came to the foot of a small mountain Kholat Syakhl, on top of which was planned to climb. Members of the group by the time the approaches to the mountain is definitely tired. In addition, after two hours in the conditions of the area anticipated the onset of dusk. And the mountain met a tourist unfriendly - blizzard. On taking the top of the move could not be considered. The group was forced to retreat under the protection of the forest adjacent to the mountain. There was a camp to rest and spend the night. Before going to bed guys we have developed a follow-up plan, which would provide them the most significant savings of physical effort and time for the assault on the mountain Kholat Syakhl. In accordance with this plan, members of the group were: 
 - during the first of February:  
a) to build a storage shed, which should leave the bulk of hiking equipment group, needless to climb (found by search engines); 
b) after the construction of a warehouse to relax; 
c) after the rest before nightfall to make a way out of the woods and climb the mountain as high as possible and then stay there for the night. 
- during the second of February: 
a) the morning after the night on a slope, carry out the ascent to the summit of Mount Kholat Syakhl; 
b) after reaching the top before dark return to Labasa.
A few hours before the crash.
         By constructing a storage shed and the rest, the band left the base camp and headed to the mountain Kholat Syakhl. Movement Party on its slopes were sealed in the photos. 

       The pictures clearly shows that the blizzard on the mountain continued to rule his ball.Because of this, the tourists moved up the hill is not very far. Fairly charter, we decided to settle down for the night. The tent was set on a hillside in bad weather conditions. This is confirmed by the latest pictures taken campaign participants (they were found cameras, films manifest). Later, experts on these photos to determine the time when the area was formed under the tent - about 17 hours (the Urals).

Light day I went very quickly subsided, and the guys had to take the time to have time to put up the tent before nightfall. Because of strong blizzards, due to fatigue of people because of the rush playground under the tent turned out to undercut under the snow slope. None of the members of the group did not notice. To save an old tent in the wind, which could break her Lata-perelatannoe web guys had little deeper relative to the upper edge of the snow slope array. The set in a position group Dyatlova tent housed for the night.
              The tourists had a camp stove for heating tents, but in the last spending the night it was not installed. Maybe the boys were tired and did not want to bother with installing the stove. Maybe woodpeckers feared that the heat from the overheated tent could have a negative impact on a ski slope, located close to it. In any case, Dyatlov was decided to cold spending the night with which everyone agreed. Such cold overnight stop practicing artist Dyatlov (of them mentioned in the stowed diary tourism unit). 
             The guys are tired and chilled, but their mood was good. This is indicated by them written with humor camp wall newspaper called "Evening Otorten. Number 1 '. She found the search engines - it was fixed to the inner side wall of the tent. 
            We had dinner the members of the tourist group in the range of from 20-00 hours to 22-00 hours (roughly defined by the results of Pathologic examination of corpses of children).After dinner, went to bed. Time awakening group was scheduled Dyatlov early, probably in the 6-00 (group already behind schedule, and the weather and short daylight hours are not allowed to put a damper).
            Early in the morning of the second of February. The duty of the tent was going to cook breakfast (searchers were found in a tent: a knife, a piece of pork loin, a piece of her skin - obviously, the duty could not resist and tried). 
            Guys wake up already: someone else was lying asleep, catching the last few minutes of sleep, someone started to dress half asleep. Zolotarev and Thibault-Brignoles had almost fully dressed and ready for the ascent - as can be judged by equipping their bodies found later, including, and the presence on the remains Zolotarev camera. 
           At the time of the disaster the entire group was inside the tent.
What happened What was the reason.
          At night the blizzard was replaced by heavy snowfall, and in the morning there was the first tragic event - the partial collapse of a snow slope near the tent. It was due to the following reasons: 
- The formation of a site for a tent in the undercut of the snow solid slope cracks;  
- of snow fell, began to increase the load on the snow mass, at the edge of which is located a tent; 
- the load is generated in the snowy massif spontaneous growth of already existing there cracks in all directions ; 
- undercut part of the array of the snow slope not stand the load, he broke down through cracks and collapsed. 
         The collapse was of a local nature. The bulk of the mass of snow fell near the tent, close to her, propping her slightly lateral web. At the top of the tent (stingrays) fell upon the snow almost missed. Because of this, people are traumatized from the loss of movement, no one was crushed to death. 
         Tent on snow deformed pulled hard, but resist does not fully developed. Tent material mainly sustained. Only in one place from collapsing, it is slightly torn. Through this gap inside the tent began to roll in the snow, and Woodpeckers plugged it first got the arm jacket, thereby preventing further flow of snow (this jacket was found by searchers in a tent and it belonged Dyatlov).
FIRST TIME tragedy.
         Approximate time when collapsed snow mass in the area of ​​the tent allow to determine the clock Dyatlov discovered later on the arm of his corpse. They stopped at 5 o'clock 31 minutes. 
         The reason for stopping his clock - damage to their gear. Damage to the clock mechanism could happen either when the woodpeckers to prevent snow entering through the minor damage the tent fabric, trying to plug the rush of his jacket; or in the process of applying them to indiscriminate attacks on the canvas of the tent to break it and get out; or it happened during or after Dyatlov from the tent - from the impact, for example, by stretching, or for ski poles from hitting on something in assisting his comrades. 
        But watch Thibault Brignole and Slobodina worked after the first crash. They watch stops later for another reason.
SITUATION in tents in the time of the collapse.
         When something suddenly fell on the tent, it emerged from the bustle of the elements of panic. Members of the group awake could not understand anything. The tent is dark.Dyatlov gave the command to leave the tent. But through her "entrance" to make it not happen from the fallen snow tent contorted, her drooping canvas; in limited because of the space the people inside the tent only interfere with each other. And it was given to the team - to exit the tent cut or tear the fabric of her; who can and what he can. Someone tried to cut the sagging canvas tents horizontally, someone hit her on the canvas in the vertical direction.Woodpeckers could have used the flatness of their sneakers as a cutting tool and slapped them. When he was able to leave the tent, he threw the slippers near her, as unnecessary (these slippers are found then the search engines). 
           Examination of the tents set: exit group out of it came through vertical incisions-breaks canvas tent made on the side opposite to collapse; cuts, tears canvas tents were made by people who are inside it. Photo torn tents and the scheme of its damage present in the criminal case.

             Tent leave all members of the group, as indicated by the discovery of the bodies of the children is it. They left the tent people were able to move on their own; their actions were deliberate in nature. This is confirmed by the subsequent findings of the search engines.
               You can make a clear conclusion - during the collapse of the snow mass in the tent one of the guys did not get severe or fatal injuries. 
After exiting the tent.
              Subsequently, when the external examination found dead tourists were found: the guys got out of the tent, for the most part, without warm jackets, pants and hats, without shoes and mittens; Each participant wore a campaign that had put on just before the crash.
              Left the tent guys, of course, we were in the heat of passion. As a result of stress, thrown into the blood adrenaline blocked at the time of the body's reaction to the weather conditions. They have not yet felt the wind blowing from the top of the slope. Minus the ambient temperature for the first time as tragedy is not much bothered. But the disastrous effect of cold Dyatlova all members feel very soon.  
             After leaving the tent guys evaluated to create an environment correctly: Tent seriously damaged and deformed substantially, especially in the place where the warm clothes. Try to pull them out immediately - members of the group considered a dangerous thing. It does not cause them to attempt to reach a new warm clothes avalanche, and as a result, deaths or serious injuries? The only thing they were able to pull out - it's an easy habit such as plaid. Cape almost half sticking out of the cut in the tent, so to get it is not dangerous (the cape later found search engines). 
            Excited state of the members of the group was held on replaced by a feeling of terrible cold, and every tourist group realized - further stay near the tent in a virtually defenseless as they all face imminent death from hypothermia.   
            Group made ​​a decision - to move away from the tent in the direction of the high cedar, rising above the slope below. Cedar that still exists, and its distance from the location of the tent detachment Dyatlov was then 1,500 meters. Cedar guys have planned to make a fire and get warm; there can be quite safe to monitor developments in the area of the tent, and then based on observations taken adequate steps to salvation. 
Waste from the tent.
           Group Dyatlov began a withdrawal from the tent down the hill, focusing on the high cedar. In the predawn position cedar it was discernible. It is still light winds from the top of the ill-fated slope blew the guys in the back, thereby facilitating their movement on rough terrain, and small drifting snow raised by the wind that does not interfere follow a chosen direction. Subsequently, the searchers found on the surface of the slope traces of people on their way to the cedar. Should be placed on the ground almost simultaneously, quite close to each other, and were left by the retreating group of people, there were nine people.

 Based on this, the following conclusions: 
- The guys went to the cedar front chain; They may hold each other's hands so that no one during the withdrawal was not lost, and if necessary, it would be possible to provide timely assistance to flagging comrades 
- in retreat from the tent to the cedar members Dyatlova no support, no one suffered, that is all the guys were able to move independently. Otherwise, traces of the retreating men would occur in nature such as "wavering from side to side," as if it bore the brunt of the victim or a member of the support group would be next fall people are inevitable in such cases, the snow and terrain. But these searchers have not found traces. 
              To mark the position of the tents on the slope to facilitate the monitoring of it by the cedar, Woodpeckers put it on top of the lighted torch (it there and then found the search engines, of course, extinct). However, someone was another flashlight, which will highlight the way during the withdrawal group. Retreat from the tent began and it was mostly uneventful; that's only the second group had the flashlight still throw a third ridge (search engines find it there) - he went out, most likely, the battery in it refused. But before cedar was not far away. In general, we got.

            The obvious solution - you need a fire. Who has a match? Everyone begins to look for them, unbuttoning pockets on clothes. Matches were found, but the zip pockets clothes back guys, maybe, and tried but could not. But to better understand the situation, try the cold and even with the wind, frozen or already partially frostbitten fingers, fasten your pocket or another piece of clothing with a button while shaking from the cold so that the teeth were chattering. Well, it turned out? The guys did not happen. Here is the answer to the question "Why were unbuttoned pockets and items of clothing of the victims, and who did it?", Which originated from search engines when they are discovered and examined the corpses of children.
           Bonfire was razozhzhёn (searchers found its location). Judging by the size of the extinct fire, he was initially large enough to provide a warm tourist group.

       It was found that the fire was used pine branches. Traces of their calving on the trunk of a cedar were found by searchers at a height of 5 meters.

         Along with pine branches as firewood used as shrubs and small trees growing near the cedar.

Breaking of branches at Cedars could not have done without the kids a variety of injuries and impulses of their clothes. Collected campfire icy branches and trunks of shrubs, small trees, lashed the faces of the children, they were applied wound integuments their bare hands, tore clothes. And snow terrain as when moving from the tent to the cedar, and the collection of firewood near an injured leg.                     
             This explains the presence of children on the corpses of a large number of injuries - scratches, abrasions, bruises, minor wounds, as well as the deplorable state of clothes of the victims. 
             The weather worsened. It began lowering the temperature significantly increased the wind started blowing snow. Because of the blizzard decreased visibility, and control conditions in the area of the tent became impossible. Because of fatigue children to provide fire wood it was irregular, so the fire does not become stable, and the heat from it was not enough to warm the whole group of people. All felt that they begin to freeze. Dyatlov experienced hikers noticed a few members of the group manifestation of the first signs of the onset of depression.  
            Worsened weather conditions and apathetic state some guys Dyatlova forced to make a decision on the division of the group into two groups: 
 - the first group - two people. They remain at the fire. Their task: to maintain the fire, tent and watch the events around her expected arrival of comrades from the second group. The first group had to get guys the most enduring and physically strong. Its composition is formed of Doroshenko and Krivonischenko. As an additional protection against the cold they left a cape-type plaid (the same one that was able to pull out of the tent); 
- the second squad in the amount of seven people, must head to find a place where you can make a snow shelter such as a cave (it is a known method salvation from bad weather in winter field conditions). In the second squad had to get the boys dressed tolerably enough to be able to work in the snow. The squad includes: Woodpeckers, Kolmogorov-Thibault Brignoles, Zolotarev, Dubinin, Slobodin and Kolevatov.
First Squad.
           Krivonischenko Doroshenko and perform the tasks assigned to them Dyatlov. The guys are doing everything to ensure the life of the fire, and thus to save their lives.Doroshenko, fanning the fire-extinguishing even singed the hair on the head (found on his corpse). Constantly we need firewood. Among themselves decided, as long as one follows the fire and heated, the other goes for firewood; which brought the wood, replaces fellow by the fire - it is the turn to go for firewood. 
           Exhausted and Krivonischenko Doroshenko could not produce pine branches.Therefore, as the firewood used branches of shrubs and small trees growing in the near to the cedar undergrowth. Godilos everything that could burn and produce heat. But to get to the fuel each time the guys had to move into the forest further and further, overcoming deep enough snow. In one of these trips for firewood lost strength and fell Doroshenko. Climb or to call for help but could not. The tentacles of cold gripped the Doroshenko stranglehold. Trying to somehow protect them from the deadly embrace, he tried to regroup, pressing his hands to his chest. It did not help, Doroshenko feel - cold, slowly but surely prevailed. 
           At this time Krivonischenko was fire. It is sparingly used wood for its maintenance, but their stock steadily decreased. In this regard, he had the concern and increasingly began to arise in the mind the question - "Where Doroshenko? He has long been time to go back to the wood. " Gradually the feeling of concern has grown into a premonition of something unkind. It forced Krivonischenko go look for a friend, and he found him in the woods, lying on his back. To understand what happened, there was no time (the fire somehow left unattended), and place it was not suitable. Grabbing Doroshenko legs, Krivonischenko backed fellow dragged to the fire. Going this way, poorly oriented in space, I stepped on a fire (that's where the burn marks on the left foot legs Krivonischenko). He did not feel it, because frostbitten legs did not feel. Leaving Doroshenko by the fire and rushed into the dying fire last stocks of firewood Krivonischnko was obliged, immediately went for their completion.  
           Extremely tired promёrzshim to the bone, Jura Krivonischenko returns to cedar wood.Called lay motionless companion - no answer (the idea that his friend was dead, Yura did not arisen). Then look Krivonischenko stops at the stake - none unchecked, the almost extinguished.  
Distinctly understood that the only hope for salvation from the cold only fire, Yura rushed to him. All brought by the wood, in a desperate attempt to save the fire, it was brought to him in sacrifice. And a weak flame lashed out at them, and it gradually spread over multiple streams of fire. Buzzing and hissing flames of inflaming the fire, accompanied by cheerful crackling wood, it has a calming effect on the Krivonishenko. Spellbound glow of the fire, captivated his heat, freezing Jura, unaccountable, sits by the fire. Almost immediately, his mind began to acquire a dream. 
           But he did not sleep finally gave fire. Unbearable heat of its flame Krivonischenko back to reality. Moving away from the fire, he saw with horror that the raging, devouring everything, merciless fire crept close to the legs still lying Doroshenko (because this happened charring his socks and feet). It is quite obvious Krivonischenko attempted to pull a comrade from the fire at a safe distance. Drag it to the lowering Krivonischenko it fell on its side. During this fall involuntarily turned body Doroshenko in the prone position. In this position, the body Doroshenko was found by search engines. 
          Subsequently, after mortem examination of the corpse Doroshenko any questions stumped many investigators and cause them confusion: "It is known that for cadaveric spots on the body of a deceased person may be sufficient to reliably determine what position the person died. Cadaverous spots on the neck and back with all certainty Doroshenko pointed out that he had died lying on his back. However, Doroshenko corpse was found lying on his stomach, respectively corpse spots were in the up position. Who and why the deceased turned tourist after his death from the back to the stomach? Where Doroshenko could die? ". 
              The answer is obvious. Flip the body Doroshenko took place with the help of Jura Krivonischenko in circumstances known to the reader now. And Doroshenko really died on the back. And it happened, or in the woods, where Doroshenko went to collect firewood and where he, exhausted, fell on his back and froze; or he died in the fire, to which he brought from the forest Krivonischenko (the latter then went for firewood). 
              Somewhere death would not have occurred Doroshenko, but his death Krivonischenko learned only after a friend pulled the fierce fire and examined it. Sitting near the victim, Jura quite clearly aware - if in the near future someone from the second group of children does not come, then it is the end. Because the fire will soon begin to fade, and the wood is gone (he threw into the fire brought by all the wood to resuscitate him); again go for firewood in the forest - it had not enough strength. Jure Krivonischenko could only wait for the arrival of any children, or the arrival of death. Who has time to first in this race expectations, he did not know. Meanwhile, the cold will soon completely paralyzed Krivonischenko will, then he came deep state of apathy. 
             Inevitably freezing, Jura uncontrollably toppled onto his back. In his fading consciousness arose last weak promises to fight for life, but the climb, he could not; barely enough strength to ensure that somehow cover themselves, and lying next to a friend cape, became the last of their protection from the cold - for the living and the dead, and then shared their shroud. We finally freezing Krivonischenko, his left leg in agony, and gets pulled in the fading embers fire: pants in the lower leg smolder, and under them a part of the shin foot in this place gets burned (found by search engines in the examination of the corpse).Soon Jura Krivonischenko freezes.  
            They found and - lying next to the covered cape. Krivonischenko froze, lying on his back, his right arm was bent at the elbow and throw up, almost under his head like a man fallen asleep peacefully. Doroshenko's body was found in the prone position, his hands close to the body in the chest.

             The second unit to determine the place where will be located the shelter. It was found seventy meters from the cedar on the snow-covered slopes of the ravine, but from the cedar is a place not visible. Guys selflessly dig a cave inside it make flooring trees collected in the near undergrowth. Placed at the corners of the deck of things to fix it. 
             Search Engines had traces of drawing small trees and crumbled at the same time with their leaves and branches of a needle. In the wake of these searchers have found the location of the cave. During the excavation of the cave searchers found the flooring and fixing his stuff.

         Later, near the place where there was a cave, they had found human remains terrible.They were in the creek flowing along the bottom of the ravine, and belonged Dubinin, Thibault Brignole, Zolotarev and Kolevatova. State bodies of the dead children was terrible.

          But it will be found later, but for now will continue our story and go back to the then living children, working on the side of the ravine.
          Work on the construction of the shelter was close to completion and therefore, leaving Zolotarev, Dubinin Kolevatova and Thibault Brignole finish cave Woodpeckers with Kolmogorov and Slobodin went to the cedar for Krivonischenko and Doroshenko.
AGAIN cedar.
          In cedar before the eyes of the children appeared sad picture: the fire went out, under the cloak lay frozen Krivonischenko and Doroshenko. The situation on the slope near the tent did not cause anxiety, it gives hope for a return to the tent of clothes, food, tools (everything that was in the tent, and there was found by search engines).

           These circumstances have forced Dyatlov, Slobodina Kolmogorov and take rigid solution: remove the dead children outer clothing for extra protection from the cold surviving members of the group. However, to remove the already smёrzshuyusya clothing with frozen bodies, it had to be cut. 
           Before leaving, woodpeckers, and Kolmogorov Slobodin farewell to their fallen comrades, asked for forgiveness and covering naked corpses boys cape, went back to the cave.  
          On the way back, someone dropped a fragment cut clothes, then found that the search engines. This discovery has helped them to take the right direction the search location of the cave shelters.

          Woodpeckers, Slobodin and Kolmogorov returned to the cave and told comrades the tragic news of the death of Krivonischenko and Doroshenko. When distributing clothes revealed that Doronin and Kolevatov needed additional insulation more than others. So they gave almost all the cut pieces of clothing Krivonischenko and Doroshenko.
           Then the guys discuss the situation. Members of the group decided: to complete the arrangement of the cave shelter, rest, warm up and go to the tent. Take it warm clothes, food, tools, skis and ski poles. Then again vernutsyav cave to rest, gain strength, and then get out to people, to the "mainland."
New tragedy. Its causes.
           Without a doubt, everyone was busy with business, ensuring their overall survival. In the shelter there were four people: Zolotarev, Kolevatov, Dubinin, Thibault-Brignoles. They completed the internal arrangement of the cave. Woodpeckers, Kolmogorov Slobodin - outside the cave. They went to collect firewood, then to build a fire in the shelter. Quite by chance these three guys turned on the vault of the cave. And then there was the collapse of the cave.
           Most likely, when digging the cave has weakened its top. Woodpeckers, Slobodin and Kolmogorov became one load, which reduces broke down and from which he collapsed. 
Consequence of the collapse of the cave.
           Located in a cave Zolotarev, Kolevatova, Dubinin, Thibault Brignole collapsed mass of snow drifted to the stream flowing into a ravine near the dug cave, at a distance of 4-5 meters from the floor (defined search engines). Naturally, the boys filled up fast. On the rocky bottom of the stream Thibault-Brignoles received a serious head injury (local enthlasis).Zolotarev and Dubinin receive multiple rib fractures of the chest. Kolevatov on the bottom of the creek is not injured; but he was pinned to the body weight Zolotarev snow so much that just choked (it was later revealed in the course of pathology expertise). 
           The examination also showed: after the collapse of all four children were still alive for some time. However, very soon, they died under the rubble of cold injury and the pressure of the snow mass. 
           Flooring, possibly as a result of small thickness, and even fixed things on the corners, remained in place. A vector can be collapsed sliding snow mass at random, it was such that the floor was not to hurt the flow of avalanche snow.   
           Woodpeckers, Kolmogorov Slobodin, is at the top of the snow slope, collapsed along with the crumbling vault. They are also filled up, but relatively shallow. They survived and were able to get out. As a result of the collapse of the bodies of the children under their clothes formed abrasions, bruises, which were found at postmortem examination. It is set in the collapse of the cave by falling Slobodin injured his skull (crack) that is compatible with life.
          The hard-Select from a snow dam Woodpeckers, Slobodin and Kolmogorov were physically unable to search for the remaining members of the group trapped. Yes, and where to find mates in this mass of snow? No sounds similar to the human moan, does not call for help. I hear only continuous eerie howling wind, resembling the howling winter starving wolf.
          Judging by the first clock detected on the arm of a corpse Thibault Brignole, during the collapse - 8 hours and 14 minutes. They stopped by a collapsing roof snow cave, in the moment of impact on the hours of the rocky bottom of the ravine stream. His second clock stopped at 8 o'clock 39 minutes as a result of exposure to pressure crumbling snow mass.
          Slobodin under snow drifts due to a crack in the skull pain groaned loudly, maybe even cried. Guided by the sound it makes, it dug up and dragged Woodpeckers and Kolmogorov.And while the guys get to the Slobodina, his watch collapsed under the pressure of the mass of snow also stopped, but at 8 hours and 45 minutes. 
Recent decisions.
           Surviving children, it was decided - until it froze, it is necessary to quickly get to the tent. But first, they went to the cedar. At Cedar planned to make a little rest before the last throw of the tent, as well as to assess the situation on the slope; if strong enough - to ignite a fire. Matches for the firing bonfire were at Slobodina. Search engines found in the jacket pocket of a corpse Slobodina matchbox with unused matches of 48 pieces. 
          Based on the fact that the clock stopped Slobodina 8 hours and 45 minutes and added time for his release from the dam, and to overcome the distance of 70-75 meters from the site of the cave to collapse cedar, it turns out that woodpeckers, Slobodin and Kolmogorov was about 10 at the Cedar o'clock in the morning. For the local conditions at that time already light enough and the location of a tent in sight. Kindle fire guys failed: first, the wood from the fire was not extinguished; secondly, the collection of firewood they had neither the strength nor the time. Therefore, two guys and a girl, there was only one way out - a little rest, move to the tent. 
         On the exposed surface of the slope was a strong, gusty wind. Going against this headwind weakened guys could not; they decided to crawl to the tent. The boys had planned to get to it as follows. The movement beginning to crawl the entire group. The first crawling Woodpeckers, followed the beaten track Slobodin, closing Kolmogorov. Woodpeckers, tired, skip forward and Slobodina Kolmogorov makes a break and catching up. It also has to do Slobodin when tired: skip forward Kolmogorov and Dyatlov, then, rest, catch up with friends.Then turn a little rest for Kolmogorov forward Woodpeckers crawling behind him caught up with him after the rest Slobodin. Before driving, they agreed among themselves - the prearranged signal for a "passing" a tired wave of his left hand.
Forward, to the tent.
        The group started to move. I went last round of the fight for life. 
        After 300 meters Woodpeckers flipped onto his back, waving his left hand and giving a sign Slobodina "overtaking". Signaled Dyatlova left hand, falling, caught on a branch of tree or shrub, it has remained in that position (clearly seen in the photograph taken by search engines).

            Skipping forward comrades Woodpeckers rest; his consciousness gradually put to sleep - in the end it freezes. Slobodin Kolmogorov and crawling forward, they do not know that their Woodpeckers will never catch up.
            After the "overtaking" Dyatlov, after 150 meters, power Slobodina sharply pass. He's on the verge of losing consciousness (due to a crack in the skull, resulting in the collapse of the cave). He still managed to send a signal Kolmogorova "overtaking" - can be seen in the photo position of his left hand. And then Slobodin freezes.

          Kolmogorov Slobodina ahead, creeping further towards the tent. Her hands folded and placed under the body, like a soldier, crawling on their bellies - thereby reducing the resistance to motion, reduced costs of physical energy. However, after 300 meters forces leave the girl. Bent at the elbows zadereveneli cold and not unbend (this is clearly seen in the photograph taken at the morgue where the body of the girl was put to thaw).

           Therefore, apply the agreed signal to "overtake" she could not. Kolmogorov in this case was only one thing - to wait until the boys catch up with her, and she had no doubt that behind her crawling Woodpeckers and Slobodin. And she waited for the approach of comrades until I froze. The expectations of her were in vain. Zina Kolmogorov never learned that to move to the tent after it was no one left. 
           Searchers found the frozen body of Dyatlov, Slobodina and Kolmogorov. Their bodies were placed in the listed sequence, almost in a straight line movement from the cedar to the tent.  
           And on this last race to life, they were stronger than half way. From the point of death Kolmogorova the tent was 750 meters.
          It is for such a scenario could have been killed Dyatlova group. The conclusion of the investigating authorities into the death of a faithful group of Dyatlov: death from force majeure element, although it requires significant additions. Including additions cause of death group Djatlova author is formulated in the following way: the death of the element of force majeure, as a result of the tragic events of two random, deprived of tourists livelihoods.
          From the beginning of the tragedy (the tent collapsed on the weight of the snow slope 5 hours 31 minutes) and its end (death Kolmogorova) took no more than five hours. Without warm clothes and food, without a stable source of heat and a reliable shelter group Dyatlov was doomed. It could be saved only by a miracle, but the miracle did not happen. 
          And there is no place for the death of the group Dyatlova versions of UFOs, Bigfoot or other animals; by special forces, criminals, hunter-Mansi, foreign saboteurs; there was no controlled delivery under the guise of state security; the tragedy is not the result of tests of the newest, top-secret Soviet weapons.
Or comments to some facts and versions GIBILI group Djatlova.

Traces of radiation.
           General background radiation area in the vicinity of the tragedy, as he was in 1959, and now is within the level of a natural. Researchers, experts have found that the bodies of members of the group, and their clothes had traces of the impact of external radiation.However, fragments of clothing were found, which were identified places with local distribution of particles of radioactive material, which is a source of "beta" - radiation. These fragments of clothing were found on the corpses and Dubinina Kolevatova. 
           It was found that fragments found earlier were a piece of clothing belonging to Yuri Krivonischenko, and he worked at a secret plant "Mayak", Chelyabinsk Region. It is possible that the appearance of places radioactive "dirt" on clothes Krivonischenko was associated with its production activities. 
The origin of the radioactive places on the fragments of clothing.
           Probably Krivonischenko was related to the instrumental support of nuclear laboratory and field studies conducted by the "Mayak". Rather, he has worked on installations for verification of sources of beta - radiation on solid substrates, beta - radiometers and other dosimetric and radiometric instruments. 
It is possible that traveled as part of research expeditions to places "radioactive trail", which was formed after the accident at the "Mayak" in 1957. To conduct research in the field testing equipment was placed in a special car (mobile laboratory).   
          Then one day, during this expedition, shortly before leaving Krivonischenko in mountain hiking in winter 1959, due to violation of safety regulations during testing works, Jura on clothing fell substance emitter "beta" - particles (for example, an isotope of calcium - 45).  
          Perhaps, in the performance of testing works Krivonischenko dropped end Geiger brand MCT - 17. The design of the device used an isotope of calcium - 45 and he was placed in a special capsule. Upon impact of the fall of the counter and the capsule housing unit damaged. When viewed from the fallen instrument substance spilled and gets on your clothing. Could this or similar substances get on the clothes the other way: a crumbled solid source substrate "beta" radiation. 
          In such situations required according to the instructions, the immediate implementation of the appropriate decontamination of clothing. And without a doubt, this would be accompanied by a very meticulous clarification of the circumstances "pollution" as the leadership of the expedition, and the organs of state security. Knowing the severity of these bodies, the special status of the secrecy of the research, and perhaps feeling their immediate blame for the violation of safety at work with radioactive materials, Krivonischenko very scared. 
         Because of the fear of being severely punished, a young man (23 years) decided hide the incident occurred with him, the more that at the time of the incident the other employees in the laboratory was not. After returning from an expedition to the "Mayak" Krivonischenko the more he could not tell anyone anything about what happened. I understood that for late report and withhold facts "contamination" of his wines is further aggravated and, consequently, increasing the severity of punishment. 
         'Contaminated' clothes, stored in the workplace in a personal special closet would not let his soul rest. The constant fear of exposure did not leave Krivonischenko: What if, during the period of his absence is already permitted to participate in a hike will be conducted by the relevant regulatory authorities of the enterprise any scheduled or unscheduled inspections of workplaces and apparel employees admitted to highly classified research. And then, certainly, the fact of "pollution" of overalls is found, and will end for him Krivonischenko concealing this fact very, very bad. He decided to err on this case. 
         At Krivonischenko house was inherited by the occasion, written off, but still in a good state of overalls identical to the one in which he is currently working. He planned to replace the "soiled" his old overalls overalls. From my own experience knew guards at the entrance of the enterprise did not attach much importance or do not pay attention to who and what is dressed, going to work or leaving it after the change. The main thing to protect - photo on the badge holder must comply with the person missing. And the conceived plan substitution overalls was successfully Implemented. Then Krivonischenko in making clothes went to Sverdlovsk, where at the Urals Polytechnic Institute formed a group of Dyatlov.Krivonischenko, as an expert, reasonably believed that during the campaign, as a result of natural decay of radioactive substances emitted from their "beta" - radiation should disappear. After the completion of the campaign, the recommendation made ​​clothing, without the contamination Krivonischenko going to return to the workplace. On and calmed down. 
        In the tourism section at the Urals Polytechnic Institute with equipment of any members of tourist groups has always been a lot of tension. Each member of the campaign, mostly, he cared about his camping equipment. Therefore, handed down from the company's clothing, it is even suitable for winter hiking, handy. In it he went to the assault Otortena. Subsequently Krivonischenko radioactive fragments of clothing were found on the corpses and Dubinina Kolevatova. 
        These pieces of clothing contributed to the release of the delivery of foreign special services radiological data "Mayak" under the control of the state security. The authors and supporters of this version is commonly referred to it briefly - "controlled delivery."
Version of "controlled delivery".
          In this version it is assumed that the direct perpetrator was Krivonischenko supply operation, and the operation took place under the control of the security organs. His camp clothes for transferring bodies of enemy agents pre-planned subjected to radioactive contamination. After the transfer of Spies "contaminated" clothes, they would have found themselves under the "hood" of our counter-espionage.
          Only here they do not need the American spies are bulky radioactive items (pants, jacket): taschis them from the mountains of central Russia to their homeland, and even across the border. Certainly US intelligence agencies knew that zabroska saboteurs of radioactive stuff in the mountains of Northern Urals, especially in winter, had a high risk of failure because of the complexity of its organization and conduct, due to the large number of unpredictable accidents. That is why, instead of primitive hike through the mountains of spies, US intelligence planned in 1959 and implemented May 1, 1960 spy plane flights "U -2" in the area of objects "Mayak". Missile air defense forces of the Soviet Union, as announced officially by the government of the Soviets, the plane was shot down near Sverdlovsk.  
         If we assume that the Soviet security bodies still dare to such a "controlled delivery" and would attract participation from Krivonischenko it is more logical and easier to "contaminate" the radiation is not clothes, such as a handkerchief or a shred of matter, and then pass under the control of the contaminated material to foreign emissaries. And to convey something it would be much easier and imperceptibly in the same Sverdlovsk, for example, at the station.And then there is the same track and, if necessary, destroy enemy agents. 
          By the way, his clothes radioactive Krivonischenko could also transfer foreign agents in Sverdlovsk, and not to go for it in the mountains. A mountain - this is not the place to catch spies. 
         Next, engage in special operations not trained group of young tourists Dyatlova security management would not risk. Due to the inexperience of the children there have a high probability of failure of the operation, and the consequences of failure for the leaders of the operation are predictable - the enemy of the people, an accomplice of US intelligence, German-English spy, a Turkish terrorist; in the end - firing the article. 
         Now Zolotarev. He was in a group of Dyatlov most senior in age, moreover - a war veteran, had fighting awards. At the front, as some researchers Zolotarev could be associated with the NKVD, as their informant about the mood in the ranks of the soldiers and their commanders. 
         During the war, these soldiers, informants must have been operating in different parts of the Red Army. But after the war, the need for them quantitatively decreased due to the downsizing of the armed forces. Most of these fighters have been demobilized informants, and the fate of the NKVD was not interested - these people were completely absent promising undercover capacity, including at Zolotarev. Otherwise, for Zolotarev, as a promising agent, was not closed to the possibility of continuing his military career: let two military school, where he studied, were abolished, but the security agencies would find for him, and the third and fourth and fifth and a tenth military school. But this did not happen. 
        So, after the war, Zolotarev was not in the field of view of state security, was not their "canned" agent. He could not be involved in the operation of "controlled delivery" due to lack of training and because of the specificity of the special operation carried out (skills informant here was not enough). 
And the most "controlled delivery" has not been because there was nothing to supply. On clothes Krivonischenko there were no traces of isotopes of uranium or plutonium, the main components of nuclear weapons at the time; Clothing could not provide information on production technologies or information technologies, processing of radioactive waste; on clothes it was impossible to get an idea of the production facilities and industrial potential of the "Mayak". Such information is, first of all, interested in foreign intelligence centers. 
          Some of the information on the activities of the "Mayak" of interest to foreign intelligence services, America and the West could get before the campaign group Dyatlov and a completely different way. For example, in the Main Intelligence Directorate I served and worked for Colonel OV Penkovsky, a senior, well-informed official who recruited the British and American intelligence services, who worked on them for a long time. She was exposed and arrested in 1962. By the nature of their performance, as deputy chief of the Office of External Relations of the State Committee for Scientific Research works Penkovsky certainly possessed state secrets, which are sold. Along with Penkovsky could be other traitors. 
           Therefore, the imperialists, in part, were aware of the activities of the "Mayak" and had some idea of the trials held there. In this regard, delivery of "contaminated" clothes Krivonischenko with a view to mislead enemy intelligence, success would not have had. A "contaminating" the clothes, just for the sake of catching foreign spies in the mountains - is absurd. The Soviet intelligence services had a large and rich arsenal of more effective methods and means of struggle with spies than pants and jacket Krivonischenko.
Travel Dyatlova or hiking in the trip.
          There is information about how to obtain Igor Dyatlov travel money for the implementation of the campaign, although any hiking at that time were made on "naked" enthusiasm. This raises the question - "Who, what purpose were issued travel money?".
          The campaign was timed to coincide with the next Congress of the CPSU. The group planned to report even the first leaders of the party and the country almost to the top of Otortena. Party Organization Ural Polytechnic Institute, so as not to stay away from such an important event dedicated to the native and beloved Communist Party, offered the leadership of the institute to support the initiative of young people and give the group Dyatlova financial aid by filling it under the guise of travel expenses to the head of the group. On the allocation of money from the party funds to support activities Party committee did not even hint at.  
         But the leadership of the Ural Polytechnic for the upcoming hike tourists have their own views, not associated with the strengthening of the prestige of the Communist Party, but aimed to solve scientific problems in the interests of the country. Perhaps the military department of the Soviet state during the nuclear confrontation has already begun, it is strongly demanded from the Ural scientists urgently provide the refined information on the topography of the Ural Mountains (for use in strategic military purposes). For speedy implementation of this requirement, guidance institute was decided - to take advantage of the campaign group Djatlova to get some preliminary data, laying the foundation for carrying out, in the future, thorough topographic studies in the area.  
        In the campaign Dyatlov had to perform assigned work simultaneously. It is possible to somehow interested in Dyatlov, performing works linked to the theme of his diploma or followed his work at the institute (the latter offered him). Although because of the tragedy make the planned work in a campaign failed Institute Homeland order still fulfilled.  
        In the newly obtained data Kholat Syakhl height of the mountain was in 1096 meters, but in 1959 it was considered equal to the height of 1076 meters. On the slopes of the mountain, in the cluttered tourist tent in the things the group was discovered by a tripod for the camera. Thing enough headroom and weight, a necessary part in the campaign it will not name. But if Woodpeckers planned to make backsight photographing the terrain on the route group, it becomes quite obvious the presence of a tripod. It is indispensable. Therefore, it is in the implementation of such a tail was photographing the work of Dyatlov, and material support for her leadership of the institute gave him the money with which he bought a tripod and a camera to it.  
       Run photographing woodpeckers instructed Zolotarev, as the most experienced hikers.On the corpse Zolotarev in creek was found the camera, he did not belong to him, and that was for searchers and researchers tragedy mysterious second camera Zolotarev.

       However, neither a mystery here. This is the same camera to a tripod, bought Dyatlov, like himself a tripod to institute money.
The second camera Zolotarev.
           Former military, veteran, who is head of the group blamed for the execution of photographic works, of course, never in the stowed life this second camera is not used. This has reference to the personal diaries of some members of the marching band. For photographic memory scenes of camp life Zolotarev used his own camera (the first personal camera Zolotarev and cassette with hiking photos searchers found in a tent). Since Dyatlov has been assigned a specific start time climbing to the top of Kholat Syakhl, and hence there is the implementation of the planned photo shoot, the second camera in that tragic morning was Zolotarev - without a doubt, securely and comfortably fastened in the right place, so as not to interfere with the storming of the mountains. 
           But suddenly there was a tragedy. Despite this - and the war and this happened - a former soldier Zolotarev hoped that everything would cost, the summit will be subdued and important pictures to be made. Therefore, the camera is not dropped; He remained at Zolotarev until the end of his life. After the body was discovered in a creek ravine Zolotarev, a camera with his remains removed and sent to a technical examination. Most likely, the removal and shipping expertise in the camera along with the radioactive fragments of clothing from the corpses Dubinina Kolevatova are processed and secretive acts. For this reason, in the criminal case of withdrawal of these acts is not. 
          The camera of the examination has been recognized uninformative investigative material, since it is not involved at all during the entire campaign; pictures in it was not. In addition, it is possible that at the time of discovery of corpses in the creek, "beta" - radiation with fragments of clothing on the remains of the body Kolevatova could light the film in the camera: for corpses Zolotarev and Kolevatova located very close to each other, literally one on the other (this is clearly visible in the photo).

          And if the first personal camera Zolotarev found in littered tent after the investigation was handed over to his relatives, the second camera, given the secrecy of examination, simply destroyed with the preparation of the relevant act. However, in a criminal case the act of destroying the camera there, and acts of destruction of radioactive fragments of clothing, either. But somewhere these secret acts of destruction must be now, unless they, too, are not destroyed due to the lapse of time.
Mystery tattoos Zolotarev.
Tattoo "Gene".
         In those distant pre-war and post-war years, the man often been tattooed or his name or the name of your girlfriend or woman. We had a tattoo Zolotarev Gene name. However, at birth named him Simeon and Dyatlov when meeting with children and tourist groups, for some reason he was named Alexander. Then who is Gene? The question, of course, interesting.
Tattoo "D + C".
         Most men tattooed from the initial letters of the name of your girlfriend or woman + the first letter of his name (or, conversely, the sequence is not important) perpetuated, thus their mutual love and fidelity to the relationship between them. Then, based on the headdress "Gene" tattoo "D + C" can be deciphered as Gene + Simon. Maybe Zolotarev has special feelings for the person wearing definitely not a female name Gene? 
Tattoo "G + C + C = D"
         It can be decoded as Gene + Simon + more some "P" (Paul, Peter, Prokhorov? ..) = Friendship. Apparently, she perpetuated their common interests, and non-standard feature of their relationship, the so-called friendship.
        Similar on semantic value with tattoos "D + C", "D + C + R = D". Perhaps the mysterious tattoo is a sequence of the initial letters of the names of people to whom Zolotarev had a special, personal attachment to the different periods of his life. Obviously, it shaped tattoo at once, but consistently over time, as the memory of the meeting. In this case, it is quite possible one of the options deciphering tattoos "DAERMMUAZUAYA" as follows: "Dmitry, Andrew, Eugene Roman, Michael, Michael, 'Umar, Alexander Zahar, hive Alex Jacob." But there may be other names.
        Given the above, it can be assumed that decoding submitted tattoos Zolotarev, before us recreate his image as a man with an unusual attitude to a certain part of the human race.Perhaps, somewhere, under some circumstances, the rumors about the non-standard behavior Zolotarev become known to some people around him. This, of course, was to somehow affect the fate of Zolotarev.
Fate Zolotarev from Minsk to Otortena. The answer is his second name.
          Minsk. In one of his pedagogical universities studying Zolotarev. The first practice.Brilliant response after its completion.
          The second practice. Some scandal. Feature on trainee Zolotarev very restrained, almost at the level of unsatisfactory evaluation. After the second practice Zolotarev closes lose interest in their future profession of physical education teacher. 
          Maybe during the second practice at Zolotarev showed signs of non-standard behavior towards anyone, and it caused a scandal. Society rejected such behavior and punish people for it. However, explicit evidence of evidence, of course, was not. Therefore, the management company, where he was the second practice Zolotarev, care about their reputation, the incident "hush." But still "whisper" about him the leadership of higher education institution, where he studied Zolotarev. 
          Perhaps that is why, after graduation, Zolotarev was not mandatory at the time of distribution to work in an educational institution. With higher education, Zolotarev goes first in the Krasnodar region, the Caucasus, and then arranged to work there as a mere instructor of Tourism. In the mid-fifties it goes to the Altai and working there for almost two years, the same as on the camp "Artybash." 
          Why Zolotarev went from warm, gracious edge almost to the other end of the country, over 3500 kilometers in the harsh climate of the Altai? Most of all, in the Caucasus, in the workplace, went vague, difficult to prove the rumors of inappropriate behavior during Zolotarev some Caucasian hikes. Rumors reached the staff and to the management in the workplace. Zolotarev made ​​it clear - it is desirable to leave and leave.  
          Zolotarev went to Altai, she sat on a camp site "Artybash." However, tourists and mountaineers - people special, restless ("Better mountains can be only mountains, which have not yet been" - Vladimir Vysotsky). Someone, that such fidgets, "campaign" before the Caucasus, was now on the Altai. I learned by chance that at the tourist center "Artybash" an instructor Simon Zolotarev, who came from the Caucasus. This fidget, likely had heard about his Caucasian fault. And they went to "walk" on the tourist centers of the Altai retellings, gossip, gossip. And they came to the leadership of the tourist center "Artybash." Zolotarev, for obvious reasons, was forced to leave. 
          Settled Simon in the Ural mountains, and that there was "transformation" Semen in Zolotarev Alexander Zolotarev. He met the new 1959 year on Kourovka camp at their place of work. Perhaps, purely by chance, and perhaps traditionally, this camp to celebrate the New Year gathered a few tourists from the Ural Polytechnic Institute. Been there, Igor Dyatlov. Of course, get to know, however, Zolotarev Dyatlov presented under the name Alexander. Of course, we are talking. Zolotarev liked this young man, and it seems very hard.Almost immediately after the New Year holiday Kourovka Zolotarev left the hostel, I went to Sverdlovsk and obtained admission to the group of Dyatlov, Otortena going to conquer.  
          What Woodpeckers? From communication to Kaurovskoy camp realized Zolotarev no newcomer, has extensive experience hikes of various difficulty. In addition, the initial strength of the Group has decreased: had to go to 12 people, left 9. "Will tenth" possible, so decided to Igor. And Zolotarev was in the group. Getting acquainted with the members of Dyatlov, also named Alexander Zolotarev.  
         Why hide the true Zolotarev his name and by Dyatlov, and from other members of the tourist group? Because he reasoned this way: if, suddenly, some rumors reach Semyon Zolotarev and to the Urals, the Zolotarev, who identified himself as Alexander can always tell his fellow campaign - these rumors are its namesake.
George Krivonischenko aka Jura Krivonischenko.
         Another mystery of double name? No. Krivonischenko not hide his name given to him at birth. Not in front of their fellow students at the institute or to the participants of the march on Otorten, much, especially to the team working on a secret enterprise "Mayak".  
         Everyone knew that his real name - George. Perhaps he no longer liked the name given by parents during the period of maturity. George - it has something to rant his teenage years. And just Jora - sounded like he felt as a child, and even frivolous for the maturing of a young man. Therefore, close friends and comrades asked to call him Yuri. 
         The history of mankind is replete with examples of names change while maintaining the family. Russian composer Georgy Sviridov - his real name is Yuri Sviridov, American writer Jack London - in fact it's John London, a Russian poet Velimir Khlebnikov - Victor Khlebnikov, a contemporary writer, writer Zakhar Prilepin - his real name Evgeny Prilepin. Examples enough.  
         Each of these people had a purely personal reason to change the name, as, indeed, and Krivonischenko too.
Notebook Kolevatova.
       During the campaign was conducted overall marching band diary, which was found in the tent after the tragedy. The diary mentions the notebook Kolevatova. This was also a record in the personal diaries of some members of the group. Kolevatov with my notebook never parted, and every day something in her notes. The content of records, no one knew.
       What records contained a notebook? Authors version of "controlled delivery" believe Kolevatova assistant Krivonischenko and notebook Kolevatov made secret records related to the ongoing security operation. But there is no evidence of this.
       But whether this notebook generally found? Some researchers refer to picture where they think, discern its vague outlines. The photograph Colonel Ortyukov included in a search party actually holding something in his right hand during the removal of the remains from the creek Kolevatova.

         But what exactly he holds absolutely clear. The materials of the criminal case into the death of the group Dyatlova the discovery of the notebook Kolevatova no mention. 
         Assuming notebook Kolevatova still found, it is likely, as well as radioactive fragments of clothes and a second camera Zolotarev, it seized for examination with registration of secret acts of seizure. It can be assumed with a very high degree of confidence that the notebook did not have any secret accounts. Most likely, the records were related to one of the girls hike; Kolevatov could feel her feelings. These feelings are, of course, concealed from everyone and confided them only paper. In this case, for the investigation, the contents of the notebook is of no interest. After completion of the examination and closing investigation into the death of the group Dyatlov, notebook with radioactive fragments of clothes and a second camera Zolotarev destroyed with the preparation of the corresponding secret acts of destruction.
Version impact infrasound waves.
         It is established and proved that the impact of the sound waves in the frequency range of 6 Hz to 9 Hz can lead a person into a state of panic, obfuscation, up to the suicide or death from cardiac arrest. Signs of death from the effects of infrasound this frequency range, outwardly manifested in the form of appearance and fixation on the face of the deceased convulsive grimaces, known in the scientific world, "the mask of fear" or "mask of death."Such a deadly wave of sound capable of generating the sea, in deserts, in the mountains. 
         The faces of the dead tourists no posthumous "mask of fear." The behavior of the group there was no panic, action group members were informed on the nature of the entire time interval of the tragedy. At this point should be organized departing from the tent to the cedar traces of the fire and collect firewood for him, a division of the tourist group into two groups, the construction of the cave, as well as the location of the corpses Dyatlov, Slobodina and Kolmogorov suggestive clearly the idea of trying the guys to get to the tent . 
Infrasound is not the cause of death group Dyatlov.
Version UFO.
        Extraterrestrial aliens there was no reason to destroy a group of tourists. For them, it would be preferable to pick up all the guys on board their intergalactic apparatus and, in order to study human beings, to fly back to where they come from. 
        As a highly developed civilization of the other galaxy, aliens, of course, possess high technology. For them, no great difficulty in the first place, timely detect earthlings (group of Dyatlov) Kholat Syakhl on the hillside where the aliens might have wanted something to explore. Second, people do not interfere, to erase their memory and teleport all members of the group to a place where they would soon discovered, though do not remember anything, but alive. 
       It should be noted that the investigation into the death of the group Dyatlova were obtained information about the appearance of mysterious fireballs in the sky Northern Urals and even watch them have been identified witnesses. It was found that the flight of these fireballs were observed on 17 and 25 February 1959. It is obvious that the loss of tourists, which occurred on the night from February 1, February 2, these celestial phenomena are not connected. On that fateful night no fireballs in the whole space of the Ural Mountains foreseeable nobody watched. 
       UFOs in the death group Djatlova not involved.
Version of the attack.
        Some researchers suggest the tragedy that group Dyatlova died in a surprise attack on them in time overnight stay. On the role of the attackers are considered: animals (bear, rassomahi and even a snowman), hunter-Mansi (because of religious beliefs - this is the place for folk Mansi sacred strangers there should be), and finally, a group of prisoners who escaped from a correctional labor camp (such camps in the Urals, while there was a sufficient amount). 
        Search Engines have found that traces of the prisoners who escaped from the camp and there are no traces of the animals, as there is no trace of skiing hunter-Mansi (without winter hunter will not go into the forest). The tent is damaged but not looted.

          If attacked by an animal, everything that was in the tent, and she would be randomly scattered, disconnected. Hungry Beast thoroughly to manage for a while. And certainly, a piece of pork loin, searchers found the tent, would not have survived. It is obvious that this piece of pork loin would be of great nutritional value and no less hungry runaway prisoners.By the way, the dog searchers detecting the piece of pork loin, was subsequently rewarded, and they quickly found it an appropriate use (it tells the search engines themselves). In addition, the tent was found tools, knives, torch, warm clothes, alcohol, skis and ski poles.Money and documents were found dead guys. For the fugitive prisoners, and for the hunter-Mansi, too, is - Klondike, Eldorado. But nothing touched. 
         Because the escaped prisoners were not there, and this is confirmed by the researchers who have studied the lists of summaries escape from the camp in the region prior to the campaign and during the campaign group Djatlova; and living in places nation Mansi hostility to anyone not experienced. People are fearful, silent; Soviet power and its laws are very respected, because helluva lot of them were afraid. And as it turned out later, the holy Mansi place where the artist died Dyatlov was not; in fact it is located in a completely different area, significantly away from the scene of the tragedy.  
         Versions of the attack on the tourists are not consistent for one simple reason - the search engines on the scene and found traces of things that belonged to members of the group Dyatlov.
Version of the stripping operation.
           Version based on the fact that the band members Dyatlova became unwilling witnesses of the secret testing of military equipment and, in this regard, were destroyed during the operation stripping. 
           Other authors of this version suggests that tourists witnessed a fleeting flight whether new secret aircraft, the Do brooks disaster missiles (the authors do not really know that there flew). They believe that the security organs is decided on the physical destruction of the group members Dyatlov as unwanted witnesses to trials in this area. That's just not clear when, how and from whom the state security bodies of the USSR it was reported that the tourists at night really saw something forbidden; who said the exact coordinates of the location of the last group of Dyatlov. 
          According to stripping in order to eliminate a tourist group to the place of her spending the night on the mountainside Kholat Syakhl aimed specialized group of soldiers. And how many tracks from the band members of special forces was to remain until they raced at night, and on snow-covered terrain, with the children of the tourist group from the tent to the cedar, from the cedar to the ravine and back. And where are these footprints? They do not exist, just as there are no traces indicating where specialized military group came from and where it went after the raid.  
          Authors version stripping it does not bother. They refer to a single photograph taken by search engines, where it allegedly seen looming incomplete single trace of army shoe heel next to the following one member of the group Dyatlov. However, a clear understanding of the picture does not. And here is a plausible explanation for the bizarre appearance of the fragment can be given.

            At the time of discovery and photography fragment acquired a shape resembling heel shoe commando, as a result of wind erosion banal. In addition, photographing performed a search engine with an arbitrarily selected angle and, quite possibly, in the picture, because of the "game" of reflected light and shadow, filmed fragment even more distorted. Other versions of the author's imagination to finish stripping. But most importantly, have photos taken at the time of the next, they do not give rise to any associations and suspicion. And anyway, if traces of army shoes there would be, they would have a much larger and not noticed by search engines, they would not have stayed. Accordingly, it would be clear and the pictures. 
          Some researchers suggest stripping version that got rid of the kids by shooting them top secret, special bullets, do not leave traces of destruction. Other researchers suggest that for the destruction of these guys used the secret poison gas. There are other fantasies. To justify each of the proposed methods of killing members of the group Dyatlova lacks the main thing - the actual acknowledgment of irrefutable evidence.  
         In order to justify the presence of a punitive detachment, crack down on members of the group Dyatlov, some authors versions stripping the following arguments: the presence of injuries, bruises, abrasions on their bodies dead - a bruising and burns on his legs and Krivonischenko Doroshenko - a trace of torture with fire fire. But why, for what purpose to beat and torture the children when simpler, "no market" in strict accordance with clearly set before punitive task immediately destroy them. 
         Torture, beatings, bullying used to obtain some information. But it is obvious that by themselves surveillance flight even private aircraft or destroy missiles in flight, and finally, even a UFO any substantive information not be held. These visual observations can not reveal any secrets or confidential technical characteristics of the observed object. 
         The search engines and the subsequent death of the reasons researchers travelers no trace of man-made disaster, relating to January - February 1959, in the area without being detected. No debris from the crashed rocket, no traces of the components of its rocket fuel on the ground, no broken or felled trees and shrubs from the action of the shock wave, allegedly initiated by overflying a secret supersonic aircraft, and struck at the same time tourists (there is such a version of the death of the group). 
         The results marching diary there is no record of the extraordinary events and phenomena on the whole route of the tourist group. It was found that in that fateful night the tourists were in a tent, sleeping. Even if we assume that the guys were awakened in the middle of the night light phenomena and sounds that accompanied the flight of the aircraft, they would take some time out to finally wake up and find clarity of mind, then at least something to wear clothes and get out out of the tent. By this time, the events associated with the fleeting flight of an unknown object, would have long since ended, and before the eyes of tourists turned out to be only an empty, dark, cloudy sky and falling from a snow.  
        From the foregoing, it follows that the operation stripping was not due to lack of incentive .
On the traces of blood on the faces of some of the victims.
          The faces of the Kolmogorov Dyatlov, Slobodina searchers had found traces of bleeding in the frozen area of the mouth and nose. Unfortunately the authors of the version of "stripping" - these traces of bleeding are not a consequence of beating guys performers punitive operation. Their appearance on the faces of the two boys and one girl was made ​​possible as a result of heavy physical stress the body guys struggling with the elements under strong stress and difficult weather conditions. 
         Woodpeckers, Slobodin Kolmogorov and crawled to the tent at the limits of their last physical capabilities. Biting his lip to keep from losing consciousness and not to let down their comrades. Crawling, damaging the face of rather solid surface layer of snow. Creeping, occasionally lifting his head so as not to miss the agreed signal to pass, to be sure - the direction of the tent is maintained. Crept to survive. A scorching wind, as if protecting the torn tent in metal intrepid travelers charges snow dust that blinded the children, their faces stung by thousands of snowy needles. Injured and capillaries of the circulatory system frostbitten face, unable to withstand the cold and exercise, burst. Oozing of blood lips and nose, is already extremely chilled to freezing the bodies of children, their faces froze almost instantly. 
About the color of the skin of the dead.
         Some search engines did note the unusual color of the skin of the face and hands of the victims. Subsequently, there were different versions of explanations for this phenomenon, such as skin contact or droplet vapor, dispersed fuel components and the passing brooks catastrophe of a ballistic missile; Dyatlova use against groups of toxic substances during the stripping operation; effects on the bodies of microorganisms and algae that live on the slopes, where the tragedy occurred. 
         Examination of the bodies showed that traces of alcohol in their bodies were found.Residual traces of influence of any substances used in the manufacture of rocket fuel, or poisonous gases on the skin of dead bodies, their clothes, as well as the territory of the unfolding tragedy have been found. 
         Who freezes in the winter, to know that the frostbitten skin areas of the face, for example, the tip of the nose, cheeks, face areas, or areas earlobes ears eventually darken.Depending on the duration of exposure to cold air, the magnitude of its temperature, the frosted parts of the skin can then acquire a wide-gamut color from low-grade brown color to dark brown and even black inclusive. And it is believed that the guys from the group Dyatlov received very strong frostbite. This explains the in vivo skin discoloration of the face and hands. 
         And after the death of the uneven distribution of tourists and contrast different colors of the skin of the face and hands is the result of decomposition of organic fabrics, flowing at different speeds. The decomposition rate of tissue depends on the ambient temperature, such as the skin, its surface state. The faces and hands of the victims had bruises, scratches, minor wounds received in his lifetime struggle against the elements. The process of decomposition in areas of damaged skin is faster than intact skin.  
        Following the discovery of the dead, their bodies sent for postmortem examination. The bodies were placed in the village hospital room to thaw to a condition suitable for forensic examination; cadaveric tissue decomposition process accelerated. After completion of the examination, when sending the bodies to their place of burial, could be waived storage and transport of corpses - and who will comply with these conditions who need it. It is not surprising that after such a relationship to the victims, some of those present at the funeral in the city of Sverdlovsk, too, noted the unusual color of the skin on the face and hands of the dead guys. 
       Nothing strange and mysterious to change the color of the skin is not dead.
On judicial medical examination of corpses.
        The examination results have been approved by higher supervisors, complaints against actions of pathologists and their results were not. So, qualification pathologists did not cause doubts and comply with the applicable procedural rules and the requirements of the time. 
        But some contemporary scholars of the tragedy emerged dissatisfaction with the results of the examination was conducted; They have even been accused of professional incompetence of experts who conducted the postmortem examination. These researchers began to involve the analysis of the materials of the criminal case into the death of the group Dyatlova modern medical and forensic experts.  
        These experts attracted no doubt by professionals in their field, we have tried to analyze the results of pathology expertise on the yellowing leaves of the criminal case. However, their conclusions, unfortunately, do not bring clarity to the disclosure of the reasons for the death of members of the group Dyatlov, and sometimes let in even more fog on the circumstances of this complex case. 
        As it was in fact possible, nobody will never know. Much has been lost in time. Gone from the life slowly first search engines, the first explorers of the tragedy. Time blurs the memory of the details of those events have left more alive the first participants of search and research. But it remains the most important and the most important - the memory of a group of Dyatlov, trying to get to the truth. In place of the older generation of researchers group Djatlova tragedy comes a new, young recruits. And maybe these new full force young researchers establish still true cause of death of the group. And God help them in this righteous case.
 © Vasily Vladimirovich Sapozhnikov
   June 2014. - 21 November 2015.