Thursday, February 19, 2015

Breaking news! Secret information! Cities Eastern coast of the US, including Philadelphia and Washington may be negligible thermonuclear explosions in the near future! February 19, 2015

Sounds strange, but accurate information as they can in general be accurate at this point. For the third day in the territory of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, continues even unprecedented in human history drama.

The essence of what is happening is not known even involved in providing police activities. From the US President, to my knowledge, state of emergency is also hidden..

In order. On the territory of exceeding the square square kilometer Intelligence Center. George W. Bush, there are many sensitive sites. Including superconfidential laboratory. In one of them was made relatively compact thermonuclear charge capacity of several megatons.

Two special agents of the CIA Arab origin were ordered to lead a group that will take him to Iraq and prepare for combat use, presumably against LIH. Have been carefully thought out measures misinformation cover, remove the responsibility from the United States.

The explosion of the organization "Islamic State" must be destroyed. Together with her would suffer a significant portion of Iraq as well as US ally in NATO Turkey. Iran, Syria and Jordan have also been affected. Next - the card will fall. More precisely, where the wind blows.

Such an idea could come up with the only psychopaths. The situation finally got out of control when he received orders to agents refused to carry it out. It is not known what happened between them and their managers and colleagues, but some of them were killed.

Agents barricaded themselves in especially protected premises together with the charge and threatened to bring it into effect. The device is not an army, is intended for the CIA, and the two agents in question, it trained combat use.

Entrances to the headquarters of the CIA covered and tied with yellow police tape. Nearby are several duty police patrol cars. At this stage, the police have been alerted about the criminal incident, in which there are killed and captured hostages, but the negotiator appointed psychologist CIA and the situation is "under control". About thermonuclear threat not reported, people are not evacuated.

In the case of bringing the threat of execution will be destroyed several cities, the US East Coast, including Philadelphia and Washington. Measures to ensure the safety of the public and the administration will not be accepted for the sake of secrecy within the CIA.