Tuesday, February 10, 2015

At the request of NASA, the Earth is part of a meteor shower Centaurid - That's a lie! February 9, 2015

NASA:""All three meteor showers Centaurids reached the peak of its activity this week. If apogee star Rain Alpha Centaurids already passed (in the night from 8 to 9 February), the period of maximum intensity and Omicron Theta Centaurid yet to come.

It should be noted that these meteor showers can only be seen in the night sky in the Southern Hemisphere, so fans of observing the stars of the northern hemisphere can only admire the photographs more fortunate peers. The next meteor shower - Lyrids -ukrasit sky of the northern hemisphere in April.

Although Centaurids usually not very spectacular because of the small number of "shooting stars", patient observers will be able to get their share of aesthetic pleasure. The flow rate Alfa Centaurids reach 3 meteors per hour during its peak, Omicron Centaurids - 5 to 14 meteors per hour, Theta Centaurids - about 4 meteors per hour. As the name of this star Rain, meteors will appear from the vicinity of the constellation Centaurus. Glitter flows differs: Alpha Centaurids reach an average performance of 2.45, Beta - 1.6.

Feed Theta Centaurids - the most northern, its source lies west of the constellation Wolf.

Bull shit!

Each time the statements about meteor showers, I say - LIE! In an orbit tens of thousands of satellites which have no protection from falling meteor orbiting ISS, which has no protection of meteor. In the sky flying aircraft that have no protection. Where at least one meteor downed aircraft or satellite eh? Do not be a zombie herd. Turn on your brain and requires a response from the scientists!