Wednesday, June 26, 2013

An ancient alien artifact found in Samara, Russia - June 25, 2013

"A piece of steel pipe and fittings part as if rooted to the stone. Experts speculated about the origin of the strange valuna.Zhitel village of Krasny Yar, Samara Oblast Sergey Kul'kov during one of the trips made an unexpected discovery. His attention was drawn to a huge stone with strange patches. On closer inspection they found two metal object, which seemed rooted to the stone. One object has a clear tubular shape, a second similar rod.

Riddle of this finding lies in the fact that the metal objects like grown into the stone. No clearance around the articles is not, moreover, the interior of the tube is also filled with stones. About the find Sergey Kul'kov experts said, but they could not explain how the two pieces of metal were sealed in stone.

- At first I thought it was just the two metal object - says Sergey Kul'kov-that someone has long hammered into stone, but stone material was so strong and at the same time fragile, to drive to the edge of a metal object was not possible to .

- Metal, which are made from tube and rod have a very strange properties, they corrode under the influence of water, but the magnet does not stick to them. I reported the find to the authorities, experts and came broke off a piece of the pipe, it was two weeks ago. No results as to what kind of metal, I have not been reported.

Boulder, which for unknown reasons, stuck metal objects, consists of quartzite. This rock, which is mainly composed of quartz and has a superior strength. Quartzite is extremely difficult to machine, in addition, technologies that would put the stone in metal fragments in this way, are simply not there.

- I can not imagine how to put a metal pin quartzite. Someone with diamond tools and a lot of free time, drilled a hole in the stone exact rod and scored there. Over time, the bar was covered with rust, and the impression that the metal is rooted in rock. But that's how it turned out tube can not be explained. Stone is inside the tube, then there is a hole under it sawed a ring cutter, but do it in such a material, like quartzite, it is impossible, according to Nikolai Gerasimov, director of "Stone Patterns"

How is a metal tube is inside the stone? This question is distinct explanations mainstream science does not give a hurry.

- When are these artifacts, it is assumed that this is just some kind of a joke of our not so distant ancestors, who for some reason the stone drilled and hammered metal pin back or something like that. It is evident that the stone material literally wraps around metal objects, it is even inside the tube. And this is possible only under one condition - if these objects have fallen into the stone at the stage of its formation. Can you imagine how many millions of years ago was that? Then, on the ground, not only metal, the people did not exist. If you explain this finding in this way, you will have to make changes in the history of civilization, says Vladislav Shapiro, a geologist.

Findings in the Samara region, is not alone. Such artifacts have often met both scientists and simply observant people. Last similar object - metal bars in stone - was found in China, the researchers have also failed to explain how the subject was in a piece of rock. And now he is in China a kind of miracle. Samara is a gimmick until such status is acquired."

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