Monday, January 7, 2013

Discovery of the truth in 2013: The telescope "Hubble" space city FOUND!

24 April 1990, the shuttle "Discovery" brought into orbit telescope "Hubble". The atmosphere of the planet does not have a negative effect on him, so the resolution of the "Hubble" in the 7 - 10 times more than that of the telescope in the same class on the ground. December 26, 1994 "Hubble" handed shots, which was captured floating in space city. 
Sent Telescope images, which are clearly visible to the whole city, floating in the vast expanses of the universe, became available to the masses only because NASA representatives did not have time to disable free access to the web server telescope. Of course, they confiscated pictures. And sealed. But, after a delay of a few minutes. That was enough to downloaded from the server images shocked the world. The city once gave the name "Abode of God."
It all started with the fact that the University of Florida Professor Ken Wilson said in one of the frames of a small obscure spot. Considering the "spot" by hand magnifier, he found that it has a strange structure. And this can not be attributed to either the diffraction lens telescope or the possibility of interference in the transmission image. After some discussion, the researchers decided to focus the telescope lens multimeter on this area of the universe and to remove it with the maximum for the "Hubble" resolution.

When the screen projection and shows the first image "spot", all present in the laboratory management "Hubble" frozen in mute amazement. In the photo was clearly visible structure, similar to a huge fantastic city. The giant structure, which span billions of miles, shone bright unearthly light.

Scientists decided to track their motion being detected object, and if moving, then what? For computer analysis of the series received the "Hubble" images it was found that the city's traffic coincides with the movement of neighboring galaxies.

According to the theory of the Big Bang, the galaxies 'scatter' in all directions from the center of the universe. But, with three-dimensional modeling of movement remote parts of the universe, suddenly transpired startling fact. It was found that the galaxies scatter in different directions exactly from the point where the scientists found the city. That he is the center of the universe. It revolves around the City.

After the opening of the City immediately remembered published in Chicago in October 1955, in English, "The Urantia Book". It has a description of the center of the universe:

"... The Eternal Isle of Paradise is the eternal center of the universe of universes and the habitat of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, the Infinite Spirit, and to coordinate and associated divine beings. This central Isle is the most gigantic organized body of cosmic reality in the universe. Paradise is a material sphere, as well as the spiritual abode. All reasonable creation of the Universal Father live in the mansions of material, therefore, and the absolute control center must be material, literal. Again, to repeat, that the spiritual substance and spiritual beings are real. "

Described in "The Urantia Book" center of the universe, is strikingly similar to the observed with the "Hubble" Celestial City.

Usually religion easily be explained to what science can not explain. But in this case there was just the opposite - looking through a powerful telescope in the center of the universe, science has confirmed the basic postulate of religion, which is in the shining city on the sky may inhabit the Creator of all things.

Faced with a stunning opening of Sky City, the U.S. intelligence services immediately put on it marked "Top Secret" and hid all documents and photos in its archives. Why? Why is the grand opening of importance for all mankind, may know only a strictly limited number of people? Who gave the right to the heads of special services to hide this information? Why not protest against the highest representatives of the popular religions in the world? No answer ....
It would be naive to assume that after the opening of Sky City has not continued his study and research. Of course, continues. Only the world's population is unlikely to know the results of these studies. They are, as always, keep secret. And we will wait patiently for the powers that be deigned to open a steel safe and remove the most important information for mankind secrecy. Wait, when we deem worthy.

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