Friday, August 12, 2011

UK military declassified information about UFOs August 11, 2011

The British Ministry of Defense issued a new batch of documents from the archive of liquidated in December 2009 unit that was engaged in tracking all reports of UFOs over the UK. Based on declassified documents, the decision to close the department was correct.For example, a widow from Scotland told his staff that goes over her house the whole road track aliens. According to her, she saw four times in the night sky mysterious sphere, and once even "a large pink and blue triangle."
"I looked up and saw that the star is moving. Suddenly she stopped, and then fell in a straight line, like a bomb. Then she stopped, lit very brightly and I felt a little uncomfortable because I thought it would fly straight at us. But she instead flew diagonally at an alarming rate "- quoted her story The Sun. 

"It does not mean that I'm just lonely and trying to attract the attention of the widow," - she added. Other witnesses told us that they had seen UFOs, "a cigar-like" space craft, the mysterious triangles, and even flying in the sky jellyfish.

Although the military has long ceased collecting data on UFOs, the British still see them regularly. So, in late June weird flying objects were spotted in the skies over London next to the BBC Radio. The witnesses took off their mobile phones to video and posted on the Internet.
In America, the belief in aliens, too, things are not important. Due to lack of funds earlier this year temporarily stopped working radio telescope Allen, who designed the universe to search for the brothers on reason. True, the organizers of the project came to help the public, and only 45 days was necessary to continue to collect observations of $ 200 thousand, informs RIA "Novosti"

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