Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Americans found a way to communicate with aliens!

In the area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean in the area of ​​the closed U.S. military base "Daguey" was discovered mysterious pyramidal object that is a source of short gamma-ray radiation directed towards the star Sirius. Put forward a theory that it is associated with extraterrestrial civilizations, and, possibly, with the legendary sunken Atlantis.
First American investigators have paid attention to a radiation anomaly, hidden under a layer of the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Once in the zone of anomalies were brought American and Russian space forces, it was found that the radiation source has shifted - now "fonilo" already on the ground.
Where lies the legendary Atlantis?

The newest navigation system helped pinpoint the location of the source of gamma rays - the area shortly before the military base closed down "Daguey." Incidentally, in this zone is prohibited to fly aircraft - under the pretext that during the passing there, "military trials" may refuse to navigation systems.
According to the conspiracy, we are talking about a pyramid-shaped object, extracted from half a kilometer deep and sent to secret research base "Daguey."According to one version, the first source of radiation was just at the very spot where once went under the water's famous Atlantis. There is a tradition that the inhabitants of the sunken continent was in any way connected with Sirius: whether to come to earth from there, or flew back to the mainland when water was absorbed.
Psychic shot for telling the truth about UFOs
May believe ufologists and other supporters of the Atlantean connection with extraterrestrial civilizations existed technology with which the inhabitants of Atlantis Sirians exchanged information. This is a task just performed the device, hidden under a layer of the ocean floor. It is also possible that the "transmitter" still operates by sending coded signals to another star system.
Curiosity of researchers are pushing the claim that the Atlanteans were a highly developed civilization, perhaps, left behind a vast material and spiritual heritage.
This book Shirley Andrews, "Atlantis. In the wake of a vanished civilization, "the author, using scientific data and mystical sources, is trying to explore different aspects of life Atlantis. S. Andrews believes that they can transmit thoughts over long distances, it is sensible to use telepathy, and in such a way to communicate with animals ...
Atlantis also made great strides in science and technology. They were able to obtain energy in several ways, for example, by releasing her from living matter, or by applying "sound levitation," that is, spells and mental effort.
The last type of energy used to move heavy objects in space, in particular aircraft. Later, the Atlanteans were used for the propulsion of "flying machines" solar energy.
They were also flying a means for the transport of long-range heavy loads. They managed to land with a special crystal. There were lighter passenger airships, shaped like hollow needle with shiny spikes at both ends, provided with holes, portholes.
Medical Atlantis was mainly due to the nature and cure various ailments were prepared on the basis of the plants. But the priests knew how to heal with the help of energy from the cosmos. To do this, they withdrew in the pyramids. Recall that, according to rumors, the object allegedly raised from the bottom of the Atlantic, too, was a pyramidal shape.By the way, according to one version, namely the Atlanteans were the first builders of the pyramids, and taught that the ancient Egyptians.
Classified as "secret": the hunt for an alien people
Used to treat diseases and various metals, musical instruments, precious stones, which were adjusted for fluctuations in the human body. Widely used crystals that change color upon contact with the "sick" zone, and concentrated at this point is positive energy. A surgical operation performed under hypnosis.
But gradually, the evolution of the Atlanteans began to decline, as they illegally used magical powers. As a result, between them began to be wars and conflicts. The death of the continent, apparently the result of some anti-magic groups to others.
Charles Leadbeater famous occultist also claims that Tibet has a museum that houses samples of all cultures that has ever existed on Earth civilizations, including four maps showing the history of the destruction of Atlantis ...
However, followers of the occult sciences tend to base their allegations on information obtained through meditation or other means of entering into an altered state of consciousness that enable "to get in touch" with otherworldly forces. Orthodox science, alas, does not accept such evidence.

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