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The signal from Proxima Centauri was precisely aimed at the Parkеs Telescope. (decoding the signal from Proxima Centauri ch.3)

 The signal from Proxima Centauri was precisely aimed at the Parkеs Telescope.

(decoding the signal from Proxima Centauri ch.3)

This part of the transcript is devoted to proving that the signal from Proxima Centauri that came in April-May 2019 was targeted. This is evidenced by the discovered relationship between the constellation Centauri, where the signal came from, and the Australian Parks Observatory, which recorded the signal.

From the previous parts of the decoding, it is clear that the aliens transmit information through the combinatorics of letters in the earth words involved in the description of the transmission-reception of the signal.

In Australia, in the state of New South Wales, there are three astronomical objects: the ATCA Observatory, a separate MOPRA radio telescope, and the PARKES observatory. But only one of the three objects was selected, for a special reason.

As can be seen from the transcript (see Figure), the signal from Proxima Centauri is precisely directed to the PARKES radio telescope. But it is necessary to understand correctly that the signal is directed to a radio telescope, the name of which consists of a set of letters PARKES.

This choice was made by the aliens in order to show the accuracy of the signal direction through an easily detectable connection between the" sender "– the constellation Centauri and the terrestrial" receiver " with the specific name PARKES.

PARKES (just a set of letters, the name of the signal receiver)



All three words are short, which makes it clear that they are all formed from the same set of letters. And the key word"recipient" PARKES through the letters RK, consists of two words-"sender" extraterrestrial message – SPEAR (копьё) and SPEAK (речь). (see Fig.)

From part 2 of the transcripts, it became known that at least the Message aliens with Proxima Centauri consists of a logout request for VOICE CONTACT.

Such bundles of 2-3 words, usually consisting of a small number of letters, for their quick finding, are "public keys", specially left (by the alien planets) on the surface of the encrypted message.

We (the authors) limit this part of the transcript devoted to the purposefulness of the signal from Proxima Centauri to showing the connection only of these English words: PARKES – SPEAR - SPEAK. We believe that their connection, through the presented reading algorithm, is extremely clear to English-speaking teams of astrophysicists, including the Australian team of the PARKES observatory, from which the only honest conclusion follows that the signal from Proxima Centauri is reasonable.

There are other proofs of the purposefulness of this signal.

Messages from alien planets are so arranged that each part of the transmitted information is duplicated by different variants.

But we, the authors, will move forward with separate short transcripts, so that they are extremely clear to all categories of readers, as well as the consequences - either pretending to misunderstand what we read, or deliberately ignoring logic and facts.

If we take into account that the word PARKES coincides with the two words SPEAR and SPEAK, then there are already 16 matches in the three parts of the decoding of the signal from Proxima Centauri.

part 1 part 2 :  http://x-u-f-o.blogspot.com/p/proofs-of-reasonableness-of-signal-from.html

The full transcript of the c signal from Proxima Centauri will be published at:


Grigoriev Yuri and Azhazha Anna

experts on extraterrestrial contact


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Proofs of the reasonableness of the signal from Proxima Centauri. (decoding the signal from Proxima Centauri)

In April-May 2019, a team of astrophysicists from Australia, from the Parks Observatory, recorded a cosmic signal from the nearest star to the Solar System, Proxima Centauri.

The received signal was discovered in the archive of observations only at the end of October 2020 and immediately attracted the attention of the team as a possible intelligent signal from space. The signal from Proxima Centauri was called the second such signal after the WOW signal, recorded in 1977 in the United States, at the Ohio State University Observatory.

To this day, the WOW signal is considered not decoded by astrophysicists. But this is not the case. The signal was decoded in Russia at the end of 2010, and since 2011, its decoding has been posted on the Internet and repeatedly presented on Russian TV and in the press.
We, the authors of decoding the signal WOW, when it opened algorithm "extraterrestrial communication" and now, using the algorithm declare that decoded a signal from Proxima Centauri.

This article is the first publication on decoding the signal from Proxima Centauri. In it, we will show the initial and simplest proofs of the reasonableness of the signal, which are accessible to all multilingual teams of astrophysicists. These are the facts that are clear without words from the general information voiced in the application for receiving the signal.

In order to understand that a reasonable signal has been received from Proxima Centauri, it is enough attention and logic. From the decryption, it is obvious that this is what the "authors" of the signal were counting on in the first place.
Since the signal was recorded as part of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence program, it is inevitable that the "authors of the signal" will have to be called "ino-planetans" in publications.

To attract the attention of earthlings, ino-planetans need to demonstrate the presence of some kind of system in the signal. A system is a regularity, or repeatability.
It is the repetition of the signal from the recorded source that Earth astrophysicists are waiting for, believing that if the ino-planetans are also looking for their brethren, they will signal constantly.
The idea is not entirely correct. We can say that the alien planets signal constantly, but their repetitions manifest in a different way.
What regularity or repeatability in the signal from Proxima Centauri do its authors pay attention to earthlings?
Repeatability, in other words, coincidence.

1st set of coincidence.
A team of Australian astrophysicists immediately linked the signal from Proxima Centauri to the WOW signal that came from the constellation Sagittarius in 1977. That is, these signals are clearly similar, but different from all the others.
For analysis, we expand the information about the two signals and see if they have additional similarities. (see Figure)
1. Both constellations, from which the signals came, have been depicted in the image of Centaurs since ancient Greece.
2. Both Centaurs have the same type of needle-like weapon-an ARROW and a SPEAR.
3. Both signals have a narrow-band orientation, which can be indicated by the symbol of an ARROW and a SPEAR, their sharp tip, like the arrows of a pointer. That is, both signals were sent to those terrestrial radio telescopes, where they were received.
4. In both Centaurs, their neighboring constellations are constellations with the same words in their names - the SOUTHERN Cross under the feet of Centaurus and the constellation of the SOUTHERN Crown under the feet of Sagittarius.
5. There are only two Centaurs in the list of constellations of the celestial sphere, and it was from these constellations that two signals came to Earth, called by astrophysicists the first candidates for intelligent signals from possible ino-planetans.

What is the logical conclusion from these coincidences?
Both signals are reasonable and repeat each other. But the ino-planetans spread their repeat in time and space, finding a way to make the signal from Proxima Centauri in 2019 a repeat of the WOW signal of 1977.

But this is not all. The algorithm of extraterrestrial Contact provides for a mandatory variant of information transmission insurance. If the recipient does not notice the 1st option, then there is a chance to notice the 2nd. But even this time, the Earthlings managed not to notice a single option.

2nd set of coincidence.
These are coincidences on the word SOUTHERN (lat.AUSTRALIS) (see Fig.), which show the relationship not only of two signals – WOW and from Proxima Centauri, but also indicate that the latter signal was accurately directed to the Australian radio telescope Parks.
1. The constellation Sagittarius under the feet of the Centaur is the constellation of the AUSTRALIS (SOUTHERN) Corona.
2. The constellation Centauri has the AUSTRALIS (SOUTHERN) Cross under its feet.
3. The stars that are part of the Alpha Centauri star system form the AUSTRALIS (SOUTHERN) pointers, known since ancient times as a navigational asterism, which determine the direction to the AUSTRALIS (SOUTHERN) Cross, and, consequently, to the SOUTH pole of the world.
4. In the Latin spelling of the names of the constellations SOUTHERN Crown and SOUTHERN Cross, the word SOUTHERN is written as AUSTRALIS, that is, as the modern name of AUSTRALIA, where the Parks radio telescope is located, which recorded a signal from Proxima Centauri.
5. The Parks Observatory is located in the state of Australia (lat. AUSTRALIS - SOUTH), in the state of New SOUTH (lat. AUSTRALIS) Wales.
6. The flag of Australia shows the constellation of the SOUTHERN (lat. AUSTRALIS) Cross, which is located under the feet of the constellation Centauri, where the signal came from.
7. The signal was recorded as part of the Breakthrough Listen project, which is organized specifically to search for evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life. But even earlier, the Parks radio telescope has been involved in the SETI SOUTHERN (lat. AUSTRALIS) Serendipus project – in the "Search for Extraterrestrial radio emissions from neighboring advanced civilizations", which automatically tracks candidate signals for extraterrestrial messages.

What is the logical conclusion from 2 set of coincidence?
But before the conclusion, it is in the case of estimating the signal from Proxima Centauri, it is necessary to recall the basic rule of distinguishing real information from fictional. It is called the "three confirmations rule", when information must match from at least three different sources.
Otherwise, the rule is interpreted as: "two coincidences can be considered random, but three coincidences already indicate a pattern."
In the case of the signal from Proxima Centauri, its stellar authors found a way to show the connection of three events through a logical chain of 12 coincidences. This is more than enough to make a choice between randomness and regularity.
To be honest with the conscience of the scientist, the conclusion about the nature of the signal from Proxima Centauri is obvious – it is reasonable, as, along with it, the WOW signal, and therefore – Earthlings have received proof of the existence of Other life in the Universe, which, moreover, is trying to make contact with the Earth.

In conclusion.
This initial article presented information that is on the surface, but viewed from a different angle than the usual methods of research in astronomy.
The results obtained, note, through a scientific approach: collecting information, analyzing it, presenting a hypothesis and confirming the theory with subsequent repetition, are already enough to make an unambiguous conclusion about the reasonableness of the signal from Proxima Centauri.

But the "algorithm of extraterrestrial communication" discovered by us, the authors of the WOW signal decoding, also provides for other ways of transmitting information in signals coming to Earth. Already with using encryption, however, it is more correct to say, with an expanded understanding and processing of information generated and already available to a person.

In fact, the signal from Proxima Centauri repeated the points of the Message transmitted to Earthlings in the WOW signal in 1977. But this has already been done in a more specific form, which does not provide for discrepancies and loss of time. In subsequent publications, we will show the similarity of the signals and the newly named arguments of the ino-planetans for the early decision of the Earthlings to contact them.

Since there is an obvious connection between the signals, the decoding of the c signal of Proxima Centauri will be published in a community created specifically for the decoding of the WOW signal.

The signal from Proxima Centauri was a Contact request.
(decoding the signal from Proxima Centauri ch.2)

After recognizing the signs of intelligence in the signal from Proxima Centauri (Part 1), received in April-May 2019, we will proceed to its decoding.

The approach to finding a Message in a signal is simple. It is similar to solving a problem with a known algorithm.
The problem situation:
The signal from Proxima Centauri is known to have come from deep space.
According to the characteristics of the signal, astrophysicists have suggested that it may be artificial, that is, it may belong to other planets.
When analyzing the primary data, it was found (so far only by the authors of the article, the Heritage group) a series of repetitions that reinforces the assumption that the signal is reasonable.
If the signal is reasonable, it is logical to assume that it contains an informational Message.

From the primary data, it is obvious that in the signal from Proxima Centauri, its authors, using the example of previous signals, took into account the difficulties in the intelligence of earthlings and tried to indicate a clear logic. The more repetitions in the signal, the more likely that the earthlings will notice them, and, based on their own criteria, will conclude that it is reasonable.

If the earthlings, according to the results of the initial analysis, recognize the signal as reasonable, and the proof of reasonableness is the repeated repetition of the word-toponym, then the second stage of decryption should begin with this word, as with a hint.

Here it is worth paying attention to those who find it difficult to rely on actual logic. If the aliens point to the Earth's place names, it means that they know it. How they know it is the subject of a separate explanation, but based on the fact that the aliens know the Earth's place names, this question is no longer an obstacle to further deciphering the signal.

So, the word-toponym, to which the aliens paid special attention to the earthlings, is the word SOUTHERN. (see the beginning of the decoding, the 2nd set of coincidences).
Based on the "algorithm of extraterrestrial communication" discovered (by the authors of the article, the Heritage group), the aliens take into account every word in their Message, and especially the one that is pointed out several times.
Thus, in the signal from Proxima Centauri, the attention of earthlings was drawn to the main word SOUTHERN in its three translations:
- AUSTRALIS, the Latin name of the constellations
- SOUTH, to English as the basis of the Australian language
- SOUTHERN, to Russian as the main language of the Message (which will be discussed in turn)

The attempt to decrypt the signal begins first of all with the language of the territory where it was recorded. In this case, it is the English language and the word SOUTH.
What is the way to explore the word and what information to look for in it?

We speak based on the results of the experience of deciphering the extraterrestrial signal WOW (1977), and further - from the application of this experience to decipher other signals.

Transmitted information is reduced to a few themes that are for Ino-planetan of the reasons they are trying to get in Contact with the Ground. But the first task for them is to teach their opponents the language of communication, that is, how to read their Message.

The information is transmitted by rearranging a set of letters in the words that the aliens pay attention the attention of the earthlings to. The search for words in the Message is limited to the causes and topics of extraterrestrial Contact.
In the signal from Proxima Centauri, special attention is paid to the word SOUTH.
There are few letters in the word, so the word TOUCH, as one of the meanings of the word CONTACT, was detected immediately.
The full phrase, which can be made up of a set of letters SOUTH, is read as OUT TO TOUCH. (see fig.)

According to the same algorithm, a second word was found, specifying what kind of contact the aliens expect from earthlings.
It is "waiting", because the "algorithm of extraterrestrial communication" was presented for wide discussion by the authors of the article, the Heritage group exactly 10 years ago, in 2011, with the decryption of the WOW signal.

In the set of letters of the English word SPEAR, which is in the hands of a Centaur, it is already easier, without rearranging the letters, only based on the context of the topic of extraterrestrial contact, the word SPEAK is found. (see Fig.)

Thus, the phrase "VOICE CONTACT" found in the words SOUTH and SPEAR confirms that the signal from Proxima Centauri is intelligent, and thus proves the existence of Other Life in the Universe.

We will limit this part of the decoding to these two English (!) words, the task of which was to show the reasonable nature of the signal from Proxima Centauri through the hidden equality of the words SOUTH (south) and TOUCH (contact), SPEAR (spear) and SPEAK (speech).

Why do we limit ourselves to these two English words at this stage?
Because English is considered one of the international languages, including in science. From this it follows that the specified decoding algorithm, through the hidden correspondence of English words, will be understandable to many multilingual teams of astrophysicists. Based on this understanding, if we are honest with the conscience of a scientist, we can only conclude that the signal from Proxima Centauri is reasonable, has been deciphered, and at least represents a Message about an attempt by extraterrestrials to "make speech contact" with earthlings.

On the day of writing this article, many multilingual teams of astrophysicists could independently come to the presented result. But since the media is silent, it means that this did not happen, and the information deciphered by the authors of the article in the signal from Proxima Centauri was not detected by other teams. That is, the primacy belongs to Russia.

This decryption provides earthlings with the following useful information.
- Makes it clear that the Alien World knows everything about the Earth, including the language of international communication.
- Indicates the method of preliminary contact between the worlds through the "algorithm of extraterrestrial communication" previously discovered in Russia.
- Confirms the operation of the algorithm for reading alien Messages detected during the decryption of the WOW signal.

In two parts of the decoding of the signal from Proxima Centauri, 14 matches are already presented.
Beginning: https://vk.com/signal_wow_nasledie?w=wall-168648185_76

From the authors: we know for sure that a number of Russian astrophysicists are familiar with our information. But, based on the actual situation, no one took it seriously.
Today, with the receipt of a signal from Proxima Centauri, Russian scientists are given a second attempt to evaluate the evidence provided for Other Life in the Universe.

Since there is an obvious connection between the signals, the decoding of the c signal of Proxima Centauri will be published in a community created specifically for the decoding of the WOW signal.

Grigoriev Yuri and Azhazha Anna
experts on extraterrestrial contact