Friday, May 20, 2022

A massive UFO emits a huge beam of light in the sky of Texas, USA - May 2022


WOW! "black hole" in the Coatzacoalcos river in Veracruz, MEXICO - MAY 2022


Ufo Fleet "UAPS" in Cherry Hill, NJ - May 2022


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Guy Summons UFO With Meditation, Camden, Maine, May 12, 2022


Did NASA Mars Rover find a secret Alien doorway On Red Planet?


SO many people REPORTED seeing this that it made the EVENING NEWS! May 2022


Five White Orbs Over Bronx, New York May 10, 2022


Monday, May 9, 2022

Snake Like UFO Spotted Passing An Airplane Over Carson, California. May 7, 2022


Object Shoots Out of Cloud, Channahon, Illinois May 7, 2022


Disk Seen Over Antalya, Turkey May 6, 2022


Object During Thunderstorm, Belmont, North Carolina, May 6, 2022


UFO Fleet Passes Space Station, May 6, 2022


White Objects Over Los Angeles, California May 5, 2022,


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A huge UFO has landed on a hill in Colorado and is radiating this huge aura of light - May 2022


Black Cube Exists Sun, NASA Covers It Up! May 2, 2022


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Large disk-shaped object captured by a German witness - April 2022


Alien Portal - April 2022


Huge Ufo Ship "Spaceships" in Japan Narita Airport!


Ufo "Spacecraft" in Roosevelt, Utah! April 30, 2022


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Alien Spaceships Travel Near Ursa Minor Constellation, April 28, 2022


UFOs over Snezhinsk, Russia April 26, 2022


Three Fast Moving UFO "Orbs" Spotted Over Boston, Massachusetts. April 24, 2022.


Multiple UFO "Orbs" Sighted Flying Over Colbert County, Alabama. April 23, 2022


Glowing Ufo "Spacecraft" Caught over Bangkok! April 2022


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Ufo "Spacecraft" Caught on camera over Michigan April 2022


Orb At Space Station Over Indian Ocean, 4-22-2022


Close encounter with a UFO in Colombia - April 2022


Ghost UFO: April 21st 2022


Exclusive!! Anomaly(UFO) ZIG-ZAG's Around Airplane👀👽🛸‼


Alien Spaceship Recorded by SIOnyx Near Capella Star, April 18, 2022


UFO Seen Over Las Vegas, Nevada 4-18-2022


The Big Black Cube flies out of the Sun - April 2022


Triangular Ufo "Spacecraft" Caught on camera over Texas, USA!


UFO Disguised As Meteor Passes Over France, April 12, 2022


MARS Room Structures up Close ! ArtAlienTV


UFO Saucer Flying In Medellin Colombia, on April 9, 2022


Sunday, March 13, 2022

Evidence for the Flat Earth Theory! March 2022


Observation point coordinates: 56°5′6″N, 60°43′53″E Snezhinsk city, Russia March 13, 2022 3:00 pm We can observe the moon during the daytime. At this time in Sydney, Australia it is 9 pm and have coordinates 33°52′4.4″S, 151°12′25.2″E The time in New York, USA is 6 am and have the coordinates 40°42′51.5″N, 74°0′21.6″W It can be concluded that in Russia during the day you can see the Moon, but in Australia and the USA they cannot see the Moon, although they have a dark time of day and night! I contacted friends from Australia and USA - they were watching the moon at the same time as me!!! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE ON A ROUND EARTH! THINK!!! THIS IS ONLY POSSIBLE ON A FLAT EARTH!

UFO was captured by a CCTV camera in Lviv, Ukraine - MARCH 7, 2022


Creatures or Spacecraft "Ufos" caught in Germany! March 2022


UFO in Moscow, Russia - March 2022


UFO Shoots Over Kiev, Ukraine On March 5, 2022


Giant UFO in an underwater base, at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Peru


ovni en Taxco 2022


UFO over Germany - March 4, 2022


Huge UFO spotted live from the ISS - March 2022


Flying Spacecrafts "Ufos" Sighting in Citta!


Saturday, March 5, 2022

UFO in Kiev, Ukraine - March 4, 2022


Cloud Spacecraft "Ufo" in Los Angeles - March 4, 2022


UFO - This cross was presented in the sky in Kyiv, in front of St. Michael's Church, March 2, 2022.


Hidden Sun-Gate Machu Picchu!? Major City Experiences HUGE Flying Saucer? 2022


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A giant UFO flies by: : Luxembourg is located in the center of Europe, about 1800 km from Ukraine - March 1, 2022



Tic-Tac UFO Over Seoul, South Korea Feb 27, 2022


Spacecrafts "Ufos" sighting like orbs over Peabody, Massachusetts!


Pillar UFO Over Japan Volcano Live Cam, Feb 27, 2022